Donald Trump Asks Russia To Hack America

Beyond Social Media Show, Full Episode 152

BL and David discuss Russia’s hacking of American democracy and Donald Trump’s treasonous encouragement; the hacking of TechCrunch; Getty Images swiping a 18,000 public domain photos from the Library of Congress; the Olympic tweeting ban; Melania Trump laid bare; Twitter shutting down PostGhost; a YouTube kidnap conspiracy; Stable & Unstable Likers; the Action Aids ad campaign; Ralph Lauren’s custom animated Gif campaign; Twitter’s original food content; Minnesota in a box; the Trojan Olypmics; and much, much more. SUBSCRIBE: iTunes or Google Play or Stitcher or iHeart Radio.

Worst Digital Cases

Donald Trump Asks Putin’s Russia To Hack American Democracy

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has encouraged Russia to hack his political opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton, prompting a bipartisan group of national security experts to label the activities as an attack on American democracy and to urge the Obama Administration to publicly call out Russia.

The hacking attacks have also caused grave concern that Russia may try to hack state voting systems in an attempt to ensure Trump becomes president.

Aspen Institute Homeland Security Group Statement On DNC Hack

Donald Trump Asks Russia To Hack American Democracy

Donald Trump’s Business Ties To Russia

Olympics Committee Says Non-Sponsors Cannot Tweet About the Olympics

The US Olympics Committee has gone off the deep end, when it comes to intellectual property. It has issued a statement saying it is willing to sue anyone to protect their trademarks. These include “Olympic,” “Olympian” and “Go For The Gold,” hashtags such as #Rio2016 or #TeamUSA,”among many other words and phrases.



Getty Gets Grabby With Public Domain Pics

Photographer Carol Highsmith recently received a copyright infringement notice from Getty Images demanding $120 for the use of…one of her own photos! The photograph in question was one of 18,755 she had donated to the American people via the Library of Congress for public domain use.

She has filed a lawsuit due to Getty’s sales of her public domain photographs while claiming to be the copyright holder.

Colorfuller by Carol Highsmith

Colorfuller by Carol Highsmith

Little Scarlett Mahowal and her big sister, Natalie, make a colorful mural in Hastings, Minnesota, even colorfuller.

TechCrunch Hacked

Popular technology site TechCrunch became the latest victim of OurMine hacking group. They posted a banner on the site that said “Hello Guys, don’t worry we are just testing techcrunch security, we didn’t change any passwords, please contact us.”

TechCrunch Hacked Screenshot


Twitter Shuts Down

Twitter has sent an email to asking the site to cease displaying deleted tweets, arguing it violates Twitter’s Developer Agreement and Policy. PostGhost has responded that it’s service is a public service that serves the general political discourse.

Twitter’s Cease & Desist Letter To

Twitter Cease & Desist Leter To

NY Post’s Disgusting Attack on Melania Trump

NY Post reporter Isabel Vincent ran a scandalous photo essay on Melania Trump’s nude modeling, under the headline “Melania Trump Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before.” I frankly detest Donald Trump and everything he stands for, but this is wrong in more ways than I can count.

YouTuber Marina Joyce Sparks Bizarre Twitter Kidnap Conspiracy Theory

Police were forced to check on the welfare of a popular North London fashion vlogger after a bizarre kidnap conspiracy erupted overnight, creating #savemarinajoyce hysteria on social media, including the theory that she had been kidnapped by terrorists.

Joyce was modeling a line of dresses when fans thought they would hear her whispering “Help Me” in the background. The video has had 27 million views.

#SaveMarinaJoyce Reactions


Best Digital Cases

Your Special Snowflake: Consumers As Stable & Unstable Likers

Matt Wallaert, Director of Microsoft Ventures, categorizes consumers into two basic groups when it comes to the type of content they like: Stable vs Unstable Likers.

Matt Wallaert Discusses Snowflakes In A Blizzard

Matt Wallaert Addressing The Digital Marketing Summit In Minneapolis

Brilliant FGM Campaign by Action Aid Disrupts the Internet

YouTubers and bloggers are “disrupting” their videos and photos on social media as part of a campaign by nonprofit Action Aid to raise awareness of the threat of female genital mutilation (FGM).

Action Aid Ad

Ralph Lauren’s Personalized Promoted Tweets

Ralph Lauren has been running a personalized promoted tweet that uses an automatically generated animated gif to include Twitter users names within the actual ad.

Ralph Lauren Customized Animated Gifs

Twitter embraces #FoodPorn

Twitter has enlisted 17 top chefs and influencers as “The Food Council”. They will make food-focused original content on Twitter in what looks like a full-on embrace of the Internet’s love of #foodporn.

#FoodPorn on Twitter

Minnesota In A Box

Explore Minnesota, the official office of tourism for the state, has packaged iconic Minnesota locations in a box and shipped them off to Chicago, Denver, and Kansas City in order to promote the state as a vacation destination.

MNStagram Campaign

Athletes welcomed with 42 condoms each at the Rio Olympics

Each athlete will receive 42 condoms in their room. But none of the rooms have TV. Too distracting, I guess.

Olympic Condoms Tweets

Behind The Numbers Podcast

Paragraph of copy explaining the story in question with enough detail to include keywords that are related to the story and tell our take on that story.

Augmented vs Virtual Reality

Pooper: Uber for Dog Poop

The website said all you’d have to do, after downloading the app, is snap a photo of fido’s poop and someone in a Prius would come by and pick it up.

Pooper Uber


Soon to go live on IndieGoGo. A flash drive in a cool looking belt buckle


Twitter Rolls Out Stickers

Twitter has rolled out stickers for all Twitter users, opening the door to branded stickers. Are you listening, Minions?

David’s New Hairstyle

The Fox News Effect

Fox News viewers scored the lowest of over 30 popular news sources (though Fox viewers did at least score better than those saying they didn’t follow the news).

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, a news satire, had the best-informed viewers.


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