Facebook & Beauty.ai Algorithms Gone Wild

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 156

Co-hosts B.L. Ochman and David Erickson discuss Facebook & Beauty.ai Algorithms gone wild; why you might like The Google+ Makeover; a grossvertising, scatalogical Dirty Underwear campaign; GoPro’s New Point Of View with original content; Instagram’s Lost Photos; Twitter introduces a new way to monetize Periscope videos; Twitter may be for sale; Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s shocking ignorance about Aleppo; plus great new apps and stats you should know and much, much more.

Worst Digital Cases

Facebook fires human editors: news feed goes nuts

Facebook fired the human editors of its Trending news and the algorithm began pushing out a false story about Fox’s Megan Kelly being fired; an offensive Ann Coulter headline and a story about a man masturbating with a McDonald’s sandwich!


Algorithms Gone Wild: Beauty.ai Picks Mostly White People As Most Beautiful

Beauty.ai, a joint Microsoft/Nvidia/Youth Laboratories project, applied machine learning techniques to rank 600,000 user-submitted selfies for their beauty, and picked 44 finalists: six Asians, one dark-skinned person, and thirty-seven white people, Cory Doctorow reports.

Dirty Underwear Grossvertising

A scatalogical video leads to an unexpected pitch.

Instagram’s Lost Photos

Photo Map, Instagram’s feature that allows you to check out all the pictures shared by a user in various locations around the globe, is being killed off by the app, Abhimanyu Ghoshal reports.

What is Aleppo? This is Aleppo

Astoundingly, Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate in the U.S. presidential race, asked, “What is Aleppo?” in response to a journalist’s question. Reuters pictures editor Corinne Perkins shares heart-wrenching scenes from the major flashpoint of the Syrian civil war.

Best Digital Cases

Twitter For Sale?

Twitter’s board of directors was reportedly set to meet today in San Francisco to discuss a number of hot topics, including whether the social media site can continue to operate as a standalone company, Yahoo! Digest reports.

Google+ Switching to New Format, New Features on Sept 12

Google+ will roll out changes that you actually may like on or about September 12.

We Interrupt This Periscope…

Twitter has introduced a new way to monetize live video content on the platform by opening Periscope to the Amplify program, Business Insider reports.

Chart - Twitter Monthly Active Users

Coders used 13.000 photos of San Francisco in the 1880s to make interactive Street View map

One or two sentence description about the story.


NYC Subway gets free e-books, timed to your commute

Subway Reads lets riders choose what to read based on how long they will be on the subway — a 10-page selection for a 10-minute ride, a 20-page selection for a 20-minute excursion, a 30-page selection for a 30-minute trip. Delays not included.


GoPro’s Media Empire Ambitions

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman sees the company’s future encompassing more than cameras. He’s building a suite of software and services around GoPro’s core hardware, including what may be the chief exec’s most audacious move yet: an ambitious foray into the world of entertainment that he feels will help fulfill the brand’s potential, Janko Roettgers reports.

GoPro's Quarterly Net Income/Loss

Shiny New Stuff

Nimbus Screenshot App

The Nimbus Screenshot App is much more than your standard-issue screenshot tool; it records screencasts as well.

Giftcard Granny

An app that lets you buy and sell unwanted gift cards

20 free must-have apps for dog lovers

20 great apps you won’t be able to resist if you have a dog. Here are three of BL’s favorites:


The Daily Numbers

Most Popular Mobile App Types [CHART]


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