Twitter Livestreams NFL & 9/11 Mattress Sale

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 157

BL and David discuss New York City wifi kiosks go G-rated; iOS 10 bricks lots of iPhones; the dumbest 9/11 brand promo of 2016; emotional reactive #ColorForAll videos; competitive kindness; Harambe and the Minnesota Vikings (huh?!); the FBI directive to go full Mulder; Twitter’s many recent innovations; big changes coming to YouTube; airline safety goes viral; emoji #hashtags; Braille LEGO bricks; the true meaning of “Skol” and much, much more.

Worst Digital Cases

Unsavory Hogging of NYC WiFi Kiosks

Some 400 wifi kiosks in NYC were designed to replace phone booths and bridge the digital divide by providing free wifi. Sadly, they quickly became outdoor living rooms where unsavory types watched porn and hogged the kiosks for hours. Now the Internet access has been turned off until a permanent solution can be found.

9/11 “Twin Towers” Mattress Sale

San Antonio, Texas-based Miracle Mattress employees decided it would be funny to run a 9/11 sale featuring a commercial making light of the terror attack on the World Trade Center 15 years ago. It wasn’t funny but it did spark a social media storm, reports PR Daily.

iOS10 Update Bricks A Lot Of iPhones

Here’s why you should never be the first to download operating system updates. While Apple says the problem was fixed within hours, many people were forced to do a factory reset on their phones, which were bricked by the update.

Twitter’s Hashtag-Activated NFL Team Emojis

Twitter announced the day before the NFL season opener that they made a custom hashtag emoji for every NFL team, reports TechCrunch.

Cover Your Webcam Right Now, Says FBI Director James Comey

Leaving webcams open means that hackers can break into them and watch everything that users are doing, says FBI Director James Comey. In any government office, he says, they have a little lid that covers the webcam. Private citizens should do the same.

Best Digital Cases

Southwest Airlines’ Safety Announcements Go Viral

Flight attendant Zach Haumesser gave Southwest Airlines passengers a hilarious “Looney Tunes” treat when he told them to be “vewy,vewy quiet” and then impersonated a bunch of Warner Brothers cartoon characters for his hilarious landing announcement.

Valspar & EnChroma Bring Color To The Colorblind

Valspar has created an amazing example of a reaction video in order to highlight their work with EnChroma to create a pair of sunglasses that allow colorblind people to see colors.

Xocial – the competitive kindness app

Xocial is an iOs and Android app for “competitive kindness” that lets people out-nice each other by completing even simple ‘positive social change challenges’. I learned of the story via an excellent PR pitch.

Twitter Adds Livestreaming Notifications

Twitter wants you to watch more live Periscope videos. To that end, the service is adding  a notifications feature so you can get a heads-up whenever someone you follows go live, Engadget reports.

Self-Driving Grand Theft Auto

Scientists from Darmstadt University in Germany and Intel Labs have developed a new clever method to source visual data from Grand Theft Auto that could then be fed to computers to teach vehicles how to drive autonomously, The Next Web reports.

Twitter Turning Direct Messaging Into Real-Time Mobile Messaging

Twitter rolled out an update to its service that aims to make the social app more competitive with mobile messaging clients, including the recently upgraded iMessage arriving in iOS 10, TechCrunch reports.

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