Google Pixel, Home, Assistant: Alphabet's Bid For The Home

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 160

BL and David discuss Facebook Marketplace’s algorithm fail; Twitter receiving bids this week; Google’s new Pixel phone and $79 Daydrream VR headset; Nazi hunting using VR; Malware in ads on Spotify; InstaBeckindale; Mochino’s controversial drug couture; Netflix Miranda Sings series stars Colleen Ballinger-Evans, #ThatMexicanThing and much, much more.

Worst Digital Cases

Facebook Marketplace Opens With Sex, Guns & Baby Hedgehogs for Sale

On Monday morning, Facebook introduced Marketplace, a new section on its mobile app that allowed its users to buy and sell things with their friends and strangers.
By Monday eveningillegal drugs, dogs, guns, sexual services and Baby hedgehogs had eluded Facebook’s algorithm.


Capsule Couture

Moschino, a high-end Italian fashion line with a pill-popping motif is sparking outrage and a campaign by a Minneapolis drug counselor who wants Nordstrom to pull the controversial items from its stores.

Spotify’s Playlist: Malware Ads

It seems Spotify is in for trouble as numerous music lovers are reporting that its freemium streaming service is pushing malware-infested ads to its users.

10 Songs About Being Sick

Best Digital Cases


Google launched its first phone – Pixel – available for pre-order only from Verizon. It also launched Daydream, a $79 Virtual Reality headset that syncs to the phone. Perhaps VR will really come to the masses now.

Twitter To Be Sold This Week?

Salesforce may be the only suitor for Twitter left, after Disney and Alphabet have reportedly dropped out of the bidding.

#ItsOnUs Multi-Media Campaign Combats Campus Sexual Assault

The #ItsOnUs campaign combats campus sexual assault w/videos, a pledge, tools, events, celebrities & more.

Fiction Imitates Real Life On Netflix Series Haters Back Off

YouTube star Colleen Ballinger-Evans will star in her own Netflix series based on Miranda Sings, a character she created and through which she created a massive online following.

Donald Trump’s The Butt Of Many NSFW Online Jokes circulated NSFW jokes about Donald Trump and the NY Times featured parody of him as he became the butt of late night and water cooler jokes.

Virtual Reality Helps Convict Nazis

German prosecutors and police investigating the last living Nazi war criminals can now immerse themselves in a highly precise 3D model of Auschwitz and present it as evidence at trial.

The question: if you had to flee your country, what one piece of technology would you take with you?
Poignant BBC Media Action video – made to be watched on mobile – demonstrates what a refugee’s life is like during a desperate escape.

Virtual Escape From Nazi-Occupied France

Time’s VR app features the story of Amélie Diamant-Holmstrom, who was one of the 29 children who arrived in the United States aboard the Excambion, a ship carrying child refugees from Nazi-occupied France, who escaped via Portugal. The story is the subject of a documentary called Defying the Nazis: The Sharps’ War by Ken Burns and Artemis Joukowsky, as well as an exclusive virtual reality companion piece, by LIFE VR. Connects To

Within hours after VP Candidate and Trump running mate Mike Pence characterized Trump’s explosive rhetoric about Mexicans as “that Mexican thing” the term was trending as a hashtag on Twitter, and the website was redirecting to a donations page on Hillary Clinton’s website.


Actress Kate Beckinsale has about the most awesomest Instagram account around.

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