Ken Bone, Internet Meme & Exploding Samsung Phones

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 161

BL and David discuss the Wonder Woman UN ambassador; the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones; the Kim Kardashian heist Halloween costume; cyborg surveillance beetles; a scared Ronald McDonald; Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan; Donald Trump’s Pussy Riot moment; Echo Alexa everywhere; BuzzFeed’s live election Twitter video feed; Amazon Music Unlimited; Amazon Prime Reading; Ken Bone, conquering Internet hero; Chromecasting Facebook Live video; and much, much more.

Worst Digital Cases

UN Sparks Outrage By Naming Wonder Woman as Ambassador

The United Nations sparked outrage when it rejected seven living women as Secretary General and named cartoon character Wonder Woman as Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls.

The Mobile Explosion

Samsung said that it would discontinue production of its highest-end smartphone, an unprecedented move for the company and one that could reorder the global market for mobile devices the Washington Post reports.

Kim Kardashian Robbery Victim Halloween Costume Removed

Before the actual contrition and apology, Costumeish’s vice president, Johnathon Weeks — didn’t see the harm in it.

Bugged Bugs

When Mark Zuckerberg posted a picture of himself on Facebook in June, a sharp-eyed observer spotted a piece of tape covering his laptop’s camera. The irony didn’t go unnoticed: A man whose $350 billion company relies on users feeding it intimate details about their lives is worried about his own privacy. But Zuckerberg is smart to take precautions.

McDonald’s Limits Ronald McDonald Appearances Because Of Scary Clown Sightings

McDonald’s is making Ronald McDonald lay low while the whole scary clown fad blows over.

Best Digital Cases

Nobel Prize Winning Lyricist

Minnesota-born Bob Dylan has been awarded he Nobel Prize for literature.

Russian Diplomat Sums Up 2016 Presidential Campaign In One Sentence

Christine Amanpour talks about the Trump tapes and says Donald Trump had his own Pussy Riot moment. She asks Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister. “What do you think of that?” Here’s what he said:

Free Alexa!

Amazon is collaborating with Sensory, a Silicon Valley company that specializes in voice-recognition technology. Its goal: help developers create new Alexa-enabled gadgets that you can activate with a wake word, just like you can with the Echo.

Buzzfeed Turns Down $3 Million From Facebook To Stream Election Night Coverage On Twitter

BuzzFeed has signed a deal with Twitter to live stream an election special on the platform, their reporters covering the highlights of the night.

There’s A New Streaming Service In Town

Amazon has launched a streaming service to compete with Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music, with discounts for Amazon Prime members.

Amazon Adds Magazines For Prime Members

A bad day for Texture: Amazon continues to rebuild the content bundle, this time by relying on established publishers and brands.

Ken Bone & His Red Sweater Become Heroes & Memes

Ken Bone’s Twitter following blossomed to 240K in the days following the debate where America fell in love with him and his red sweater.

Facebook Now Lets You Watch Live Videos On Your TV Via Apple TV & Chromecast

In its continued quest for world domination, Facebook started today to allow Live video to steam on Apple TV and Chromecast. Android is coming next.

Shiny New Stuff

Firewall Trump

A browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari that replaces online mentions of Donald Trump .

The Google Color Picker

Search for “RGB to HEX” and you’ll get a color picker tool that gives you the color values for any shade.


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