Justin Timberlake Busted & Facebook Hates Cats

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 163

BL and David discuss Justin Timberlake’s voting booth selfie; the massive Distributed Denial of Service attack that crippled the Internet; Miss Iceland’s withdrawal from a beauty pageant over body shaming; Twitter’s decision to shut down the Vine app; Facebook’s problem with cats; LinkedIn’s update of the Endorsement and Skills algorithm; Budweiser’s self-driving beer run; fake NASA livestreams; Google’s declaration of a mobile-first world in search; rappers for Hillary; Amazon’s personal mini drones patent; the #TrumpANovel tweets; Squarespace’s one-page mobile sites; the Skittles photo lawsuit; Facebook’s cloning of Snapchat Stories; and much, much more.

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Worst Digital Cases

Beauty Pageants Suck – Miss Iceland Quits After Being Told She Is Too Fat

Gorgeous Arna Yr Jonsdottir dropped out of the Miss Grand International contest after being told she was too fat.


My goodbye letter✉️🖋

A photo posted by Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir (@arnayr) on

Justin Timberlake Busted!…For Voting

Justin Timberlake flew home to Tennessee so he could vote early and thought it would be a good idea to post a selfie from the  voting booth to encourage his Instagram followers to vote as well. Turns out, Tennessee is one of 18 states where ballot selfies are illegal.

Map - Ballot Selfie Legality by State

Cat Photo Gets Facebook Account Disabled

Technology blogger Varun Krishnan was locked out of his Facebook account after he shared a photo of an innocent looking cat with a friend.


Twitter Is Letting Vine Wither Away

Vine announced it is shuttering the mobile app but the website will stay live.

Viral Facebook Pages Are Passing Off Old NASA Space Clips As Live Footage To Millions Of Viewers

UNILAD and Viral USA are two pages that tricked viewers in this way, launching hours-long “live” streams from space earlier this week.


Attack Of The Internet Of Things

The massive Distributed Denial of Service attack that took down Twitter, Netflix, Amazon and others originated with insecure Internet of Things devices, providing proof of one of the fundamental security flaws of the infrastructure of the Internet.

Best Digital Cases

Lin-Manuel Miranda & Renée Elise Goldsberry Rap About Hillary Clinton

it is pure genius of the Clinton Campaign to have had Lin-Manuel Miranda and co-star Renee Elise Goldsberry rap about the election at a Hillary Clinton Fundraiser in New York on Oct. 17. The video has gone viral, of course, and so – we hope – will voting.

Self-Driven Beer Run

Autonomous vehicle development firm Otto and beer maker Anheuser-Busch recently completed what they claim is the world’s first commercial shipment via self-driving truck: transporting a full-loaded trailer of Budweiser beer more than 120 miles along Colorado highway I-25 from Fort Collins through Denver to Colorado Springs.

Squarespace Start Lets You Make An Instant One-Page Website On Mobile

Google Proclaims A Mobile-First World

Google has made its mobile index the primary one, meaning Google considers it a mobile-first world for search.

#TrumpaNovel Trends As World Keeps Laughing at Donald Trump

Last week we discussed #TrumpBookReports, this week Tweets re-named novels to make the titles about Donald Trump.


LinkedIn Updates Skills & Endorsements

LinkedIn has updated the much-maligned Endorsements feature to make it much more meaningful.

Facebook is Testing Its Snapchat Stories Clone

The feature, called Messenger Day, lets people send illustrated, filter-enhanced photos and videos to friends and have the posts disappear in 24 hours — a la Snapchat.


Personal Drone Assistants

Amazon has been awarded a patent for a tiny personal assistant drone, which can be carried around with a user and sent off via voice commands to perform autonomous functions.

Shiny New Stuff

360 Comes To Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook has added support for 360 photos and 360 videos to Instant Articles.

WD-40 Haunted Doors Halloween App

You get to choose The Exorcist, Door of the Dead or Paranormal Activity to freak out Trick or Treaters.

Facebook Ramps Up Social Commerce Features

Now you can order food from Facebook, as well as buy movie tickets and set appointments with local businesses.

Vimeo Profiles Updated With Cover Videos

Vimeo has updated its user profiles to make them cleaner and better show off your videos, with featured videos and, especially, cover videos.



The Daily Numbers

Halloween Candy Consumption Infographic


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