No Text Voting & Uber Drivers' Racial Bias

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 164

BL and David discuss FAKE Twitter ads targeting Hillary Clinton supporters that tell them to vote by text message; racial bias by Uber drivers; Google and Microsoft’s buggy relationship; Facebook’s racial targeting capabilities; the Vigilante app; fake news and media literacy; President Obama singing Purple Rain to a Prince tick or treater; Okay Google commands for Harry Potter spells; Amazon Studios’ Good Girls Revolt show; scheduling Facebook Live video broadcasts; a Chicago meteorologist who reported that hell had officially frozen over; the New York Times’ The Daily 360;  and much, much more.

Worst Digital Cases

Fake Ads By Trump Supporters Try to Trick Clinton Voters

“First things first: There is no such thing as voting by text message. Period. If you want to cast a ballot, you can vote at your polling station or vote absentee. That’s it. But ads circulated on Twitter recently would have you believe otherwise.”

Uber Drivers’ Racial Bias

A new study from a Massachusetts research firm illustrates a pattern of racial discrimination in Uber pickups, showing black passengers wait longer for rides and face cancellations at double the rate of white passengers.

Microsoft is Mad at Google for Revealing Big Windows 10 Bug

Google sounded the alarm on a Windows10 flaw that hackers are already exploiting and Microsoft cried foul.

Vigilante App

Information is power, they say. So the makers of a new phone app, “Vigilante,” believe that letting people know when any nearby crime in progress is being reported to the police, thereby enabling users to either avoid or approach the area, is empowering. Safety enhancing. Revolutionary. #CrimeNoMore

Facebook Lets Advertisers Do Racial Profiling

Facebook not only allows advertisers to target users by their interests or background, it also gives advertisers the ability to exclude specific groups it calls “Ethnic Affinities.”


Best Digital Cases

CNN’s Brian Stelter: Fake News is a Plague on the Internet

CNN’s Reliable Sources host, Brian Stelter, says fake news spreads like the plague on the Internet. That, he said is why it is crucial to “triple check before you share” any link.

President Obama Serenades Prince

A little boy dressed head-to-toe in Prince attire for Halloween can now brag that the President of the United States sang “Purple Rain” to him.

You can use Android phones to cast spells from ‘Harry Potter’

Google announced on its blog that it is partnering with the film “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” — based on the book by “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling — to add some new, magical capabilities for fans.

Good Girls Revolt

Amazon Studios’ new series Good Girls Revolt is a fictionalized account of the uprsing of female “researchers” at Newsweek during the late sixties and the rise of the Women’s Liberation Movement during the 1970s.

Facebook Live Broadcasts Can Be Scheduled in Advance

Facebook recently announced an update to the Facebook Live API that enables Verified Page owners to schedule their Facebook Live broadcasts – including a new tool which sends out an announcement post with an option for users to get a reminder of when your broadcast is active.

Meteorologist Reports Hell Has Frozen Over

Mike Caplan, a weatherman on Fox 32 Chicago and steadfast Cubs fan, reported a comical forecast following the team’s unlikely victory that included the temperature listing for hell.

New York Times – The Daily 360

The New York Times has announced an initiative to publish one 360 VR video every day.

Shiny New Stuff

Cognitive Weather Bot

The Weather Channel has launched a Watson-powered “cognitive weather bot” for Facebook Messenger that will get to get to know a user’s preferences for weather information, and make recommendations about weather and news information.

GIPHY ❤ Vine

Giphy has created a Vine-to-Giphy conversion tool that will convert your Vine videos to animated Gifs as well as store your Vine videos, sound and all.

Virtual Reality Bacon Smell is Here (at last!)

Black Label Bacon maker Hormel described it as “a multisensory bacon experience designed to launch consumers on a quest in a world of bacon, while providing them with the ability to purchase bacon in a previously unimaginable way…”

LinkedIn Launches Salary App for All

LinkedIn Salary includes salary, bonus, and equity data for specific job titles, and the different factors that impact pay such as years of experience, industry, company size, location, and education level.

MapleMatch App Launches

In case Donald Trump wins, Maple Match will help you find a Canadian who’ll marry you so you can move to Canada.

The Daily Numbers

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