China's Social Media Engineering & America's Social Divide

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 169

BL and David discuss discuss the new app that warns you when Donald Trump Tweets about a stock you own; Cinnabon’s worst buns in the galaxy Twitter goof; The PussyProject’s PussyHats for the Women’s March on Washington; Facebook’s Blabby multi-streaming Messenger; Google’s wheelchair accessibility maps; China’s scary gamification of citizen obedience with Sesame Credit; new Occulus Rooms; Biz Stone’s new AskJelly; Leicestershire Police’s chilling video about online predators goes viral….and much, much more.

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Worst Digital Cases

App Will Send You Text Alerts When Trump Tweets About Your Stocks

This is in the worst category because, sadly, it is necessary. The Trigger app notifies you when President-Elect Trump tweets about a publicly traded stock that you own in real time. These triggers can help you capture moves or manage your holdings based on the market’s reaction to the future President’s remarks.

Worst Buns In The Galaxy

Cinnabon went to great lengths and put a lot of thought into crafting its Carrie Fisher tribute tweet; unfortunately, they didn’t put nearly as much thought in to the text of the tweet. NOTE: It appears the company had used the image in a previous tweet in May. See below.

Cinnabon's Carrie Fisher Tweet

SNL’s Dunkin’ Donuts Spoof Underscores Facebook’s Piracy

Because of Facebook freebooting, SNL’s ripped-off clip YouTube Dunkin’ Donuts Spoof racked up 2.4 million views on Facebook in 2 days

Twitter Translator?

Co-host David Erickson spotted a Bing-powered translation feature on one of his tweets. Only problem was that it wanted to translate a French tweet that didn’t exist.

Translation Tweet

Original Tweet

How Big Brother Uses Big Data in China

The Chinese government has gamified obedience to the state with a Sesame Credit, a social network straight out of a dystopian Steam Punk future.

Best Digital Cases

TV: The Cultural Dial

The New York Times has examined 50 television shows based on who likes the program’s Facebook page and which shows correlated with presidential voting preferences.

Leicestershire Police Produce Chilling Video About Dangers of Online Predators

Leicestershire Police produced a five-minute video about final weeks in the life of schoolgirl Kayleigh Haywood, 15, who was raped and murdered in November 2015 by an online predator.

Facebook Messenger Gets Blabby

Facebook Messenger has introduced multi-streaming video chat to make it more like Blab used to be or Google Hangouts still is.

Microsoft Harmony

At a time when we really all need to see some beauty in the world, Microsoft came up with an ad that is worth watching more than once.

Wheelchair Accessibility On Google Maps

Google Maps now has a feature that lists the wheelchair accessibility of a place, and relies on users to crowdsource the information.

The New York Times and IBM Are Promoting “Hidden Figures” Movie With Their First Augmented Reality Mobile App

Lots of brands are invested in Virtual Reality, but not so many are involved with augmented reality (AR) which is much more accessible in the short run. At the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, IBM and the Times’ T-Brand Studio unveiled a branded AR app ahead of the release of “Hidden Figures,” the 20th Century Fox movie coming to theaters Jan 6.

Your Virtual Facebook Room

Facebook wants you to hang out with your buddies in your own virtual room.

The #PussyHatProject – Women knit thousands of ‘pussy power hats’ to support the Women’s March on Washington

When several hundred thousand women March on Washington on Jan 22, thousands of them will be wearing pink Pussy Power hats they knitted from patterns created by #ThePussyHatProject. You can wear one to show support even if you can’t attend the march.

LEGOized Van Gogh

Artist Geoffroy Amelot envisions Vincent Van Gogh as LEGOs.

Vincent Van Gogh LEGOized

Shiny New Stuff


Jelly is a new social media platform from Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter and Medium. Jelly is kinda a cross between Twitter and Quora.

<h3>Washington Post Trump Fact Checker Chrome Extension

A tool that slips a bit more context into Trump’s tweets. It’s still in the early stages, but its goal is to provide additional context where needed for Trump’s Tweets.

Sprouts YouTube Channel

Short, animated educational videos that teach you how to learn.


BL’s on a list of 100 Top Social Media Marketing Influencers of 2016 along with some pretty cool people

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