Psycho Pharma Bro & Russia Today Hacks C-SPAN?

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 170

BL and David discuss Red Dawn online as C-SPAN is hacked by Kremlin-controlled Russia Today; Martin Shkreli goes psycho and is bounced from Twitter; Facebook adds ads to Facebook Live; Dan Rather’s News & Guts launch; Facebook’s Journalism Project; the Hwages video of Saudi women dangerously defying convention goes viral; the Tiny Food fad grows; a wearable robot is born; the hilarious Ambassador of Weird, plus great new apps and important stats.

Worst Digital Cases

C-Span Online Broadcast Interrupted by Russian TV Feed

C-Span’s Congressional coverage was interrupted – online only – today by Kremlin-controlled Russia Today. Mix-up or Red Dawn?

Creepy Pharma Bro

Twitter confirmed it has temporarily suspended Martin Shkreli after the former hedge fund manager targeted Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca in a rash of tasteless and abusive posts.

Facebook adding advertising mid-roll to videos

Facebook announced that it will insert ads in mid-roll on Facebook Live, but didn’t address the issue of Freebooting.

Best Digital Cases

Saudi Women Defy Convention, Risk Lives, in Dance Video Gone Viral

One or two sentence description about the story.

Encrypt Images Now!

In an open letter, filmmakers and photojournalists say they want protection from authoritarian governments and others who are trying to seize their images.

INDIVISIBLE – A Guide to Resisting the Trump Agenda

Former congressional staffers create downloadable guide for getting your elected representatives to listen and resist the Trump Agenda,

Third Life

Linden Labs has created a new virtual reality platform called Sansar. Sansar aims to be the WordPress of social VR.

Dan Rather Launches News and Guts on Facebook

Dan Rather wants his new Facebook Page to become a goto source for vetted journalism in real-time. “n these turbulent times, we seek nothing more than the truth,” Rather writes.

Tiny Cooking Shows

YouTube is replete with Japanese tiny-food videos. Their creators shrink recipes to Lilliputian dimensions: pancakes the size of nickels, burgers compact enough to flip with chopsticks. The meals may be extremely diminutive, but they’re edible.

Facebook Launches Journalism Project

Facebook launched a new program to establish stronger ties between Facebook and the news industry. It also offers e-learning courses for all content creators.

The Unipiper -Portland’s Ambassador of Weird

With his fire-breathing bagpipes, Darth Vader mask, and unicycle, The Unipiper has earned him a cult-like following and his place as the city’s unofficial ambassador of weird.

Phone has a built-in tricorder. Really.

The tricorder — the device that Spock and Dr. McCoy would use to analyze all kinds of objects and materials on the show — is becoming a real thing. And it’s coming to smartphones. It’s got a built-in molecular sensor.

Real Life Mechs

The Method-2 bipedal robot is a prototype from Korean company Hancook Mirae Technology.


PockitShip is an on-demand pickup and delivery company that specializes in large items greater than 50 lbs. (and up to 250) You place your order from your computer or your phone with an iOS or Android app

The Daily Numbers

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