Viral Video Welcome To The Netherlands & Blocking Constituents

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 172

Co-hosts B.L. Ochman and David Erickson discussed the blocking of constituents in Minnesota; a job hunting bait and switch; the hilarious Netherlands video gone viral; elected officials blocking constituents; White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s peculiar Twitter war on ice cream; how recording forgotten lives helps Alzheimer’s victims; mistrust of Facebook news; forced Trump fandom; the adorable animals meme #CuteAnimalTweetOff; Uber for trucking; revised App Store reviews…and much, much more.

Best Digital Cases

The Netherlands Welcomes Trump in His Own Words

Realizing it would be better to get along with Donald Trump than be an adversary, The Netherlands introduced itself in Trump’s own language style. The hilarious satirical video went viral. It’s huge! And it’s had more than 12 million YouTube views since Monday.

Journalist Tells Alzheimer Victims Stories

Three years ago, when Jay Newton-Small moved her father into a care facility in Sykesville, Md., she was given a 20-page questionnaire to fill out. Her father had Alzheimer’s disease, and his fading memory and agitated behavior made it hard for caregivers to understand his needs. But as Newton-Small leafed through the lengthy form, she had a hunch that it was not the best approach.

The Nation’s Zoos Know You Need to See Cute Animals Right Now

The news may be awesome, but cute animals are always awww-some.
It started when an adorable baby seal was born at the National Zoo in DC and pretty soon, zoos around the world were posting their adorable residents in what became a Twitter war like no other: #CuteAnimalTweetOff

Job Search Bait & Switch

August Laustsen, a young Danish art director looking for agency work in Sweden, was having no luck in his job search. He had contacted all the big agencies in Stockholm, but didn’t get a single reply.

Facebook Reportedly Blocked Kremlin’s Russia Today

Facebook apparently blocked Kremlin-backed propaganda channel, Russia Today, for copyright infringement concerning broadcast of President Barack Obama’s final press conference.

Uber For Trucking

Amazon is building an app that matches truck drivers with shippers, a new service that would deepen its presence in the $800 billion trucking industry, a person with direct knowledge of the matter told Business Insider.

Cloudgate Studios Demonstrates Full Body Awareness VR

The experiment includes torso, legs and arms, and not just the floating body parts we’re used to seeing in so many VR experiences right now.

App Reviews Revisited

As it rolls out iOS version 10.3, Apple is making some clever fixes to its App Store for mobile devices.

Worst Digital Cases

Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s 5-year Twitter War Against Dippin Dots Ice Cream

Holy camoley! This is positively UN-AMERICAN. New White House press secretary Sean Spicer waged a more than 5-year Twitter War with Dippin Dots Ice Cream. That is just wrong.

State Senator Blocks Constituent On Twitter

After a mild exchange on Twitter with his state Senator, David was blocked on Twitter by the very man who had vowed to represent him at the state capitol in Minnesota.

Twitter Forces 14 Million Obama Supporters Into Trump Followers

Transition of the @POTUS Twitter account from President Obama to Trump was anything but smooth. Twitter apologized. But many people had to block @POTUS to get rid of 45.

Survey: People Read News on Facebook But Don’t Really Trust It

One or two sentence description about the story.

Shiny New Stuff

Campus Disco

New free IoS app provides digital discounts to brands popular with students. “Every brand should consider offering college students discounts,” says Julie Jatlow, Founder & CEO. College students set trends and spend over $54 Billion annually.


Browser plugin that allows you to research hashtags on the fly.

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