Pepsi Pulls Kendall Jenner Ad, Amazon On NFL & #ThatsHarassment

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 182

BL and David discuss the Pepsi ad brouhaha, David Schwimmer’s #ThatsHarassment videos; the timerity of 45 declaring April to be National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month; #AprilTheGiraffe is still pregnant AF; Amazon catches the NFL; Mastadon catches on; the global war on fake news; the mess of fake news that was actually real…and much, much more.

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Best Digital Cases

David Schwimmer’s #ThatsHarassment Campaign

The campaign includes six videos depicting different types of sexual harassment in everyday life. Each video is based on a true story and portrays instances involving a coworker, a boss, a doctor, a photographer, a politician and an actor. In the current political climate, they are, sadly, more important now than ever.

See all the #ThatsHarassment videos here

3 April Fools 2017 Jokes

April Fools Day is an Internet holiday. Here’s three ways brands celebrated.

Global News Integrity Project Launches to Combat Fake News

News Integrity Initiative is a global consortium of tech industry leaders, academic institutions, nonprofits and other organizations focused on helping people make informed judgments about the news they read and share online.

Mastodon is a new microblogging service born out of frustration with Twitter. A major difference is that it is open source.

Google is Using AI to Curtail YouTube Crisis

Two weeks after companies began yanking ads from YouTube because they were popping up next to hateful videos, Google is using AI machine learning to train their computers to recognize porn, racist and hate videos.

Facebook GIFs

Facebook is testing allowing people to use GIFs in comment replies to posts.

Facebook GIFs

#AprilTheGiraffe is still majorly pregnant

At Animal Adventure Park, they answer the phone “#AprilTheGiraffe headquarters. The live cam has had nearly 5 million views, and yes, you do need a #AprilTheGiraffe t-shirt.

Eyetracking Musicians

See what a pianist sees and what he fixes on while playing a piano.

Worst Digital Cases

President Trump Declared April National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month

In what many thought was irony stabbing itself in the eye with dull scissors, President Grab Em By the Pussy actually made this declaration.

Pepsi Pulls Ad After Backlast

Everyone, it seems, disliked this ad because anyone could read anything into it.

Facebook adds Personal Fundraising

Facebook has added a new way for people to support personal causes.

  • More ways to support causes on Facebook

The NFL On Amazon

Amazon has beat out Facebook, YouTube and, sadly, Twitter, for the right to stream NFL Thursday Night broadcasts.

A YouTube Star, Reddit Detectives, and the Alt-Right Call Out a Fake News Story. Turns Out It Was Real.

What a mess! A YouTube star scored a viral hit with a video claiming The Wall Street Journal had faked a story about YouTube. The allegation raced around the world, but it wasn’t true.

The Internet Of Bricks

An Internet Of Things creator took offense to a customer’s review…so he shut off services.

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