Facebook's Live Video Problems

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 184

BL and David discuss Facebook Live video problems; Trump’s “shocking ignorance”; funny brand easter eggs; Steve Ballmer’s USAFacts.org; a viral but fake twins story; an inconvenient tooth; Google’s ad blocker for Chrome…and much, much more.

Best Digital Cases

Squeeze Play on Juicero Investors

Juicero, a wifi enabled juicer, is one of the most lavishly funded startups in Silicon Valle. Bloomberg Tech tested the Juicero and determined that the juice could be made just as quickly by hand as with the $400 machine. Now it’s got people rolling on the floor laughing.

To Catch A Stoner

The Wyoming, Minnesota police department celebrates 4/20 Day with teasing tweets.

Google AutoDraw Uses AI to Teaches Machines to Sketch Like People

Google AutoDraw Google is teaching its artificial intelligence to pair machine learning with drawings created by talented artists to help you draw,” according to Google Creative Lab’s “creative technologist,” Dan Motzenbecker.

Google Home, Personalized

Google Home can now recognize up to six individuals’ voices to personalize its smart speaker experience.

How Brands Use Easter Eggs in Marketing

More and more companies are using cleverly hidden Easter eggs as a way of making their brands stand out and drive positive sentiment. Easter Eggs can be as simple or complicated as you want them to be — you just can’t tell many people about them. Brands and businesses rarely promote their easter eggs. That’s part of their fun.

Google Ad-Blocker?

Google may be about to embed its own ad-blocker in its Chrome browser and turn it on by default.

Steve Ballmer Creates Mother of All US Government Fact Troves

Ballmer has spent “an unlimited budget” to compile USAFacts.org, which shows how the government spends our tax dollars.

An Inconvenient Tooth

Natural toothpaste brand Hello goes old-school animated educational style with this video ad.

Worst Digital Cases

Facebook’s Live Video Problem: Artificial Intelligence Can’t Spot Horrific Live Videos

AI, which can look out for things like videos with an ID known to be associated with child porn, is imperfect. When AI or Facebook users flag content, it’s sent to Facebook’s cavalry of hundreds of thousands of humans – whose job is to watch hours of footage and determine if it should be deleted. These human moderators remain smarter than AI—for now.

Facebook Instant Articles Fizzling?

Facebook is facing falling support among publishers for its Instant Articles product.

How A False Story About A Husband And Wife Being Twins Ended Up On Major News Websites

It’s a story seemingly guaranteed to go viral, and it soon made its way onto websites around the world. The only problem? It was completely false.

Phishing Scam: IDN Homograph Attack

This scary phishing attack makes false domain names indistinguishable from legitimate ones.

Trump Needs a History Lesson About Korea

One or two sentence description about the story.


Minnov8’s Swan Song

A must-listen technology podcast for Minnesotans has recorded is 400th, and final, episode.

Shiny New Stuff

Keyword Planner

This tool helps you to know the keywords that your competitors are ranking for. It also allows you to customize your searches using filters such as location, negative keywords and language.

Apple App Giveaway

Apple has just made a bunch of its standard software free.

The Daily Numbers

Infographic: Facebook Ads - Average Cost Per Click


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