Net Neutrality Battle & Alexa's Calling

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 187

BL and David discuss anti-Net Neutrality spammers, Alexa calling from all Echo devices, Mother Jones’ crowdsourced investigation of Trump’s Russian ties, nine anti-FCC, anti-Net Neutrality Republican senators, kids beat up robots, Amazon opening a permanent homeless shelter within its HQ, how eating Ben & Jerry’s One World Ice Cream can make you a philanthropist, Artificial Intelligence to aid human memories, how to create a poll on Facebook…and much, much more.

Best Digital Cases

Drink Responsibly

Joke’s on you, big beer brands.

Happy Mutha’s Day!

Brands had some irreverant fun this Mother’s Day.

Mother Jones Is Raising $500K To Do Their Own Trump/Russia Investigation

“To get to the truth on the Trump team’s connections to Russia,” the magazine plans on raising $500,000 through a crowdfunding campaign “to make sure truth prevails over power.”

Fake News Blacklist

It appears email blacklists will be the model for choking the fake news funnel.

Ben & Jerry’s New Flavor Makes Eating Ice Cream Philanthropic

Blessings upon Ben & Jerry’s for new One Love Ice Cream, dedicated to the memory of Bob Marley. A portion of sales supports the One Love Youth Camp in Jamaica. Yumm!

Job Searches

Google is testing including job opening listings within its search results pages.

Oval Office Fumigated After Complaints of Overwhelming Smell of Bullshit

Waterford Whispers News is a satirical site, in the vein of The Onion, but that didn’t stop this story from generating nearly 1,000 comments from all sides of the aisle.

Amazon Shelters

Amazon provides a permanent home to the homeless.

Rock Em Sock Em Robot

An inebrieted California man had apparently had it up to here with the damn robot patrols.

Uploadable Memories

The inventor of Siri thinks we’ll eventually be able to upload, store and retrieve our memories.

Worst Digital Cases

Trickle-Down Internet

The level playing field of the Internet is again under assault by Republicans.

Anti-Net Neutrality Spammers Impersonating Real People to Flood FCC Comments

This week, thousands – including spammers and bots – posted comments on the FCC’s website in response to a proposed rollback of net neutrality internet protections, weighing in on whether and how to defend the open internet.

Augmented Cocktails

A London bar is adding eye candy to its alcoholic drinks.

Amazon Enables Free Calls and Messages on All Echo Devices with Alexa Calling

Alexa Calling, free voice calls and messaging services that you use through all Echo devices, as well as for with the Alexa app for smartphones. Another danger to ever-eroded privacy? Time will tell.

Trolling Ex-Customers

How to go out with a bang.

Shiny New Stuff

MuseumGo App

Get hours, admission costs, directions, one-touch dialing and more for over 2,700 #museums in 79 US cities. #traveltips

Creative Commons

What it is and why it’s awesome.

The Way to Design – the Crucial Importance of Design by Steve Vassallo

An important free book for designers and non-design entrepreneurs and executives. Design can make a huge difference and might even help people pick the next big thing.

How to Create Facebook Polls

Facebook only lets you create polls in groups. This is an open public group you can join to create polls and see results. Request to join here You can share polls created in the group on your pages.


The Daily Numbers

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken Mother’s Day Sales:
    • Mother’s Day is KFC’s best-selling day of the year.
    • The restaurant chain experiences a 40 percent sales jump on the holiday dedicated to celebrating mom,
      • Serving about 380,000 families each year on Mother’s Day.


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