Pope Slaps Trump Meme, Facebook Quality Scores & Bansky Hotel Soundtrack

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 189

BL and David discuss Facebook quality scores, fake news algorithms and policy leaks, the Pope slaps King45, Bansky Hotel commissions soundtracks, the Covfefe kerkuffle, Google’s Personal search results, Gatwick Airport’s augmented reality, the flyover states, eGlyph, The Extreme Content Algorithm Food Pornography influencers, Bing places and much, much more.

Best Digital Cases

Global Backlash Against Facebook Teen Targeting

More than two dozen nonprofits from the US, Europe, Brazil, and Mexico wrote a blistering public letter to Zuckerberg arguing that Facebook should release a document explaining how it lets advertisers target emotionally vulnerable teens.

Facebook Fake News Algorithm

Facebook will bury links to low-quality websites and refuse to carry ads pointing to them in a News Feed algorithm change.

Pope Slaps Trump’s Hand

It was fake, and Sunny Hundal’s next Tweet said so, but it went viral anyway.

Bing’s Bots For Businesses

Through its Bot Framework, Microsoft is starting to integrate chatbots into search results — to make search more interactive and transactional.

Hillary Clinton’s Baaaaack

Clinton has launched Onward Together to advance progressive values and work to build a brighter future for generations to come.

Portait Of A Food Pornographer As A Young Woman

Kim Ly Curry has passion, persistence and “food porn”-quality photos. “Am I food-obsessed? Yes. I just love everything food.”

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Gatwick Becomes the World’s First Airport to Use Augmented Reality to Help Passengers and Airlines Find Each Other

UK’s Gatwick airport has installed around 2,000 beacons to enable ‘augmented reality wayfinding’ for passengers in a world first for an airport. Hopefully it’ll let you know if you’re about to run into a pole – or another passenger.

America’s Midwest Foreign Correspondent

Fox 5’s Jeff Houghton is Mid-America’s new “foreign correspondent.”

Hotel Soundtrack

Banksy has commissioned Trent Reznor and others to compose an original soundtrack for his Walled Off Hotel.

Worst Digital Cases

Covfefe Means Someone Should Take His Damn Phone Away

A midnight Tweet from Donald Trump reading, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” left many searching for answers, and others calling this the ravings of a madman.

Revealed: Facebook’s internal rulebook on sex, terrorism and violence

The Guardian has seen more than 100 internal training manuals, spreadsheets and flowcharts that give unprecedented insight into the blueprints Facebook has used to moderate issues such as violence, hate speech, terrorism, pornography, racism and self-harm.

eGlyph – The Extreme Content Algorithm

Computer science professor Hany Farid in partnership with the Counter Extremism Project has developed an algorithm that can identify and flag extreme content and is willing to give it to Facebook for free. Why doesn’t Mark Zuckerberg want it?

New York Mets’ Malicious Mascot

With its team wallowing in the standings with a below-.500 record, perhaps the New York Mets’ mascot was simply expression frustration when he flipped a fan the bird. But what happens in real life, stays online.

Chanel’s $1325 Boomerang Backfires

Another brand, another insensitive promotion. This time, it’s fashion house Chanel with a glossy black wood and resin boomerang priced at $1,325. Another lame apology…

Shiny New Stuff


This free tool records the screens of real users on your website. You can see what visitors clicked with their mouse, what they filled into a form field, where they spend most of their time, and how they browse through each page.

Google Personal Search Tab

Google is taking personalized search a step further with a new “Personal” tab which has been recently rolled out in search results.

Twitter gets 69 new emoji

Twitter emojis get sassy. Only on desktop for now.

Google My Business

Google’s local business listings feature.

Bing Places

Microsoft’s local business listings feature.


  • B.L. launched Funwalkers.com – humorous license plates for walkers, rollators and scooters

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