Die, Flash? & Facebook TV Launches

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 196

Co-hosts B.L. Ochman and David Erickson discussed Old Navy’s rockin’ back to school campaign; Jimmy John’s real-life demonstration of its freaky fast tagline; going beyond the corporate message to find real stories; the business imperative for reading science fiction; Russian comedians punking Rick Perry; citizen cyber warriors and compulsory service; the launch of Facebook TV; integrating Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups; husband storage in China; Mariah Carey’s goes viral for slacking; implantable microchips; 35W bridge collapse revisited and citizen journalism; the problem with Hipsters; the imminent death of Flash…perhaps?; Air France for Millennials; GoFund Snopes; saying goodbye to the YouTube Editor; plus great new apps and stats you should know…and much, much more. SUBSCRIBE: iTunes or Google Play or Stitcher or iHeart Radio.

Best Digital Cases

Old Navy Back to School Campaign Stars Rocking Real Teachers

Old Navy is bursting into inspirational song for back-to-school, with a series of music videos starring some of America’s most-talented teachers. They’re not only having fun, they’re also doing good.

Yep, Jimmy John’s Is Freak Fast

A stalled car ordered a Jimmy John’s sandwich; the delivery made it on the police report.

Beyond the Usual Corporate “Messages” to Great B2B Content

Here’s what can happen when you go beyond the usual office small talk to find something about who the person really is.

Scifi Opens The Business Mind

Science fiction novelist Eliot Peper argues that by presenting plausible alternative realities, science fiction stories help business leaders solve problems by empowering us to confront not just what we think but also how we think and why we think it.

U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry Punked By Fake Interview With Russian Comedians

In yet another incident proving that the US is becoming laughing stock of the world, Energy Secretary Rick Perry was duped into a 22-MINUTE interview with two Russian comedians who are known for pranking high level officials and celebrities including Elton John and Vladimir Putin.

Citizen Cyber Warriors

A term of government cyber-service could be an ideal way—given the crisis posed by insecure computer systems—for young people to both serve the country and gain work and life experience.

First Facebook TV Episodes Launch in August

This story is in good news because it confirms, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the video is the dominant means of communication today.

Facebook Hearts Pages+Groups

Facebook Page admins can now link their Groups to their pages.

Husband Storage

A Chinese mall has introduced “husband storage” facilities for wives to leave their spouse while they shop.

Slacker Dance

Mariah Carey does the absolutely minimum possible at work.

Worst Digital Cases

Company Wants Workers to Have Micro-chip Implanted – Some Do It

If this sounds familiar, you must be a fan of Dark Mirror.

35W Bridge Collapse Revisited

As tragic as it was, the 35W bridge collapse was a seminal moment in citizen journalism.

Fox News Spots the Real Problem in St Louis: Hipsters

Fox 2 News knows what is really ailing St. Louis, and it’s hipsters. Forget violent crime, failing public schools, a history of redlining and segregation or a crumbling infrastructure.

Die Flash, Die!

We’ve seen this movie before. Time will tell whether or nor Flash will finally die.

Air France is Starting an Airline for Millennials

And it won’t be cheap. What’s next? An airline for people with pet goat comfort animals?

Snopes Turns to Readers & GoFundMe for Lifeline

Snopes has been a pioneering online site for debunking rumors, hoaxes and fake news. But now it’s in a legal struggle with Proper Media, and has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for its survival.

Dearly Departed: The YouTube Editor

YouTube is doing away with the very handy YouTube Editor.

Shiny New Stuff

Blue is a Dating App for Verified Twitter Users

Perhaps the page slug in the Verge story says it best. It contains “why-why-why”

Social Media Benchmarks

Hootsuite’s benchmarks tool analyzes 400 million social posts.

Mobile Day

MobileDay – Free conference calling app
Invites from MobileDay sync with your smartphone calendar and you make the call with one touch – no codes or pins or passcodes.

Play Converts Articles From Any Site to Audio

Play is a suite of easy to install tools and plugins that help you convert your articles (or any text content) into audio narrations, just like podcasts. So users can not only read but listen to your content. (It is invite only at the moment)


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