Louise Linton's Instagram Rant & KFC's Scary VR Training

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 199

Co-hosts B.L. Ochman and David Erickson discussed Louise Linton’s elitist, out-of-touch Instagram rant; former President Barack Obama’s claim to the most popular tweet; LinkedIn’s new native video capabilities; State Department’s science envoy Daniel Kammen’s embedded impeachment message in his resignation letter; the DeepEmoji algorithm that can detect sarcasm in tweets; the Trump Twitter feed bot; Apple’s move to marry Siri with everything; Google Maps Q&A; KFC’s virtual reality training; Facebook influencers’ brand tagging tool; plus great new apps and stats you should know…and much, much more. SUBSCRIBE: iTunes or Google Play or Stitcher or iHeart Radio.

Best Digital Cases

Obama’s Charlottesville Response Breaks the Record for Most-liked Tweet Ever

Former President Barack Obama’s post-Charlottesville Tweet quoting Nelson Mandela broke the record for most-liked Tweet of all time with more than 4.5 million ReTweets.


Linking In Video

While LinkedIn has been slow to adopt video, it has announced it is rolling out…gradually…the ability to upload video natively.

The Latest Resignation Letter Sent to President Trump Spells out ‘IMPEACH’

Daniel Kammen, an energy professor at the University of California, Berkeley, resigned Wednesday from his position as the State Department’s science envoy. Initial caps in its paragraph spell IMPEACH


Researchers have trained an emoji to detect sarcasm by examining the use of emoji in tweets.

This Bot Shows You What Trump Sees in His Twitter Feed

@Trumps_Feed, an account developed by Phillip Bump at The Washington Post, lets you see what Trump sees whenever he opens up his Twitter app. It retweets tweets from people the president follows on Twitter.

To Win The AI Assistant Wars, Apple Is Melding Siri With Its Other Services

Apple is positioning Siri as a concierge for all of the company’s devices and services.

Google Maps Now Lets Users Post Questions and Answers on Business Pages

Google is rolling out a new social feature in Google Maps, allowing users to post and answer questions on business listings.

Worst Digital Cases

Louise Linton Thinks We Should Eat Cake

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s wife, actress Louise Linton, demonstrated her true colors in a breathtakingly condescending rant in response to one of her Instagram followers.

KFC VR Training Video is the Stuff of Nightmares

KFC has an employee training VR experience—and it looks and sounds creepy AF.

Facebook Gives Influencers Ability to Tag Brands in Post

Just like posts from brands pages on Facebook/Insta have long been “pay to play” so now are posts from influencers.

Shiny New Stuff

Giphy Gif Maker

Paste in a video URL and download an animated Gif.

Animated GIF: Prince - Get Your Funk On


Readability uses natural language processing to instantly score content, giving business writers and subject matter experts suggestions for improvement. There is a free version for personal use – VisibleThread Readability – that can be used for up to five documents/websites (unlimited text) per month.

The Daily Numbers

Infographic: Millennials Frequency of Podcast Listening


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