Equifax Data Breach & Bodega Insensitivity BrouHaHa

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 201

Co-hosts BL Ochman and David Erickson discuss a hilarious parody of the new $1200+ iPhoneX; millions Equifaxed by the mother of all data breaches; riding out Hurricane Irma with Richard Branson; detested Martin Shkreli Screwed; the Russian back door; Bothies; BBC’s interactive radio theater; Twitter’s tweetstorm feature; Brand websites beating retail; the Great Bodega Controversy of 2017; BuzzFeed’s banner ads; the black market for Instagram checks; plus cool new apps…and much, much more. SUBSCRIBE: iTunes or Google Play or Stitcher or iHeart Radio.

Best Digital Cases

The $1200 Poop Emoji Machine

Boing Boing ran a hilarious parody of the new $1200+ iPhoneX, saying that its facial recognition “sucks your soul like Dementor.”

Richard Branson Rides Out Hurricane Irma

Richard Branson weathered Hurricane Irma in his wine cellar but the devastation of his private island reflected the devastation experienced across the Caribbean.

BBC is Making Interactive Radio Plays for Alexa and Google Home

Listeners will hear a chunk of the story, and then be presented with a choice of what should happen next. The first broadcasts will be available on both Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices when it releases later this year.

Twitter’s Tweetstorm Button

It looks like users will be able to draft the entire tweetstorm in the app before sending it out.

Kaspersky Labs Software Shelved

Amid concerns its anti-virus software represents a backdoor for Russian espionage, Kaspersky Labs software has become persona non grata.


Nokia wants to get back into the smartphone game with a novel new feature.

Brand Websites Beat Retail

The majority of consumers prefer to shop or do research on a brand’s site for products they consider buying.

Worst Digital Cases

BrouHaHa Over Two Ex-Googlers Plan to Eliminate Bodegas and Other Mom & Pop Stores

Two insensitive, tone deaf NON HISPANIC ex-Googlers – and their equally White Privileged investors, have started a firestorm with their ham-handed new idea. They want to replace mom and pop corner stores and bodegas with vending cabinets. Bodega Cat is pissed off too!


The most damaging data breach in the history of data breaches couldn’tve been more badly handled.

Native Ads Are Not Enough: Buzzfeed to Run Banner Ads

For years, BuzzFeed executives preached two things. The digital ad industry needed something better than the much maligned banner ad. And web ads should be “native.”
As they gear up for IPO, they are switching to banner ads and programmatic.


There’s a black market for Instagram verifications. Who knew?

Evil Martin Shkreli Jailed After Facebook Post About Hillary Clinton’s Hair

Martin Shkreli, one of the most hated men in the world, is in a maximum security prison after his dangerous and stupid Facebook post offering $5000 for anyone who could get some of Hillary Clinton’s hair during her book tour.

Shiny New Stuff

Twitter Releases Night Mode

Twitter has released a night mode for desktop that changes the usual white screens into navy blue to soothe the eyes.

Beaver Builder

A page-builder plugin for WordPress

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