NFL Responds To Trump & Citizen Scientists Fight Alzheimer's

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 203

BL and David discuss the NFL’s Inside These Lines commercial response to Donald Trump’s call to fire athletes who protest during the national anthem; the citizen scientist effort to combat Alzheimers; Spotify’s new self-service advertising offering; Google’s Chrome Music Lab experiments; Libsyn’s podcast measurement upgrade; a librarian’s rejection of Melania Trump’s donation of Dr. Seuss books; Twitter’s 280 character tweets; Facebook fake Like farms; and much, much more. SUBSCRIBE: iTunes or Google Play or Stitcher or iHeart Radio.

Best Digital Cases

Citizen Scientists Help Fight Alzheimers

Thanks to an online game called Stall Catcher, research about Alzheimer’s is being crowdsourced to thousands. We’re examining mice brains to find clues that could lead to a drug for Alzheimer’s.

NFL Responds To Donald Trump

In response to Donald Trump’s call to fire NFL players who protest during the national anthem, the league ran a commercial encouraging unity.

Google Music Celebration Experiments

Google Chrome’s Music Lab is a collection of experiments that let anyone, at any age, explore how music works. They’re collaborations between musicians and coders, all built with the freely available Web Audio API.

Self-Serve Spotify

The music streaming service is launching a self-serve platform called Spotify Ad Studio that cranks out audio ads that can then be targeted to Spotify’s roughly 90 million users who listen to music for free with commercials.

Dear Mrs Trump: School Librarian Rejects Gift of Racist Dr Seuss Books

Cambridgeport, Mass school librarian Liz Phipps Soeiro (one of the few school librarians in the US) explains to Melania Trump why she made a bad choice in the books she sent for National Read a Book Day – and why her school won’t be keeping them.

Libsyn Upgrades Podcast Analytics

Audio hosting service Libysn is upgrading its podcast analytics capabilities to conform with the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s podcast download standard.

Worst Digital Cases

Twitter Tests Lengthening The 140-Character Tweet

Bad idea! Gives Trump more space, for one thing!Goes against what Twitter is about!

Facebook Collusion Networks

Researchers say a security loophole has allowed at least a million Facebook accounts, both real and fake, to generate at least 100 million “likes” and comments as part of “a thriving ecosystem of large-scale reputation manipulation.”

Guggenheim Pulls Three Animal Cruelty Exhibits

This week, the Museum finally pulled three bizarre exhibits featuring live animals fighting for their lives – after 700,000 people signed a petition against the cruelty.

Shiny Objects

Six Gmail Productivity Apps

Given the nightmare that is email, these apps are worth a look and perhaps a try.

Video Ad Creation Automation

YouTube is rolling out a new tool, called Director Mix, to make it easier for marketers to churn out hundreds, if not thousands of variations of video ads.

Most Disgusting

In case you want to know what he’s tweeting, but you’re too disgusted to type his name, go to this site instead.


The Daily Numbers

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