The Rock's Empire & The #MeToo Movement

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 206

BL and David discuss the #MeToo movement’s impact; a brilliant dot takeover; Barack Obama’s hip hop Presidential portrait; the Jane Austin role playing game from a former Second World developer; locking down Google for security; The Rock’s creative empire; Google search surprises; buff Jeff Bezos’ PR coup; craptastic towns of New Zealand provoke death threats; the voice ad challenge for brands; deceptive NFL advertising..and much, much more.

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Best Digital Cases

The #MeToo Movement

Tens of thousands of women spoke about about sexual harassment and abuse this week. Will the #MeToo movement change anything? Maybe, if women – and men – keep speaking up and speaking out, we’ll force change. That’s a big maybe. But it’s a start.

Dot Takeover

Irish telecom eir replaced all the black dots in the October 6 issue of Daily Mail Magazine with colored dots.

eir Print Advertising

Barack and Michelle Obama Both Choose Non-Traditional Artists to Paint Their Official Portraits

Barack Obama picked genius hip-hop portraitist Kehinde Wiley to paint his official presidential portrait. Michelle Obama has chosen Baltimore-based painter Amy Sherald to paint her portrait. Wiley and Sherald will be the first black artists to create official presidential portraits for the Smithsonian.

Playing Jane

Someone took the rules of social rules of the Regency Era as embodied in the works of Jane Austen and turned them into a role-playing game.

Google Launches Advanced Security “Lockdown”

the advanced “lockdown” protects against hacks of gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, your phone and any other Google property. But you have to buy a dongle and a special USB key to use it.

Google Search Gifts

You’ve seen “I’m feeling lucky” below the Google search box. There are a host of other options to click on for fun and learning.

The Rock, Creative

Dwayne Johnson has just launched an advertising agency. Seriously.

Jeff Bezos’ Smashing PR Move

Jeff Bezos provided the press with an image that commanded coverage of his newest wind farm.

Worst Digital Cases

Backlash Against Craptastic New Zealand Towns

What started as a satirical Facebook page became a political football that generated death threats against the anonymous authors.

Voice Ads Gone Bad

Mitch Joel warns the advertising industry not to destroy the infant voice ad medium.

Facebook Takes Aim at LinkedIn With Resume Feature

Giving LinkedIn a run for the money, Facebook is testing a resume and job search feature.

Manipulative Commercials

The NFL Shop’s commericals would be great if they didn’t deceive viewers into watching them.

Shiny New Stuff

Commitment Rings

Commitment Rings by Cornetto IceCream are
special rings that connect to streaming apps to put an end to sneaking around binging with services like Netflix while feigning fidelity.

Personalized LEGO Heads

Get your very own customized LEGO figurine featuring you.

The Daily Numbers

Brands Working With Instagram Influencers By Industry [CHART]


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