10 Most Terrifying Marketing Stories Of 2017

Beyond Social Media - 10 Most Horrific Stories of 2017 - Episode 207

The 10 most terrifying marketing screw-ups BL and David have covered during 2017.

BL’s 5 Most Terrifying Marketing Stories Of 2017

1) Company Wants Workers to Have Micro-chip Implanted – Some Do It – Episode 196

If this sounds familiar, you must be a fan of Dark Mirror.

2) United Airlines Drags Passenger Off Flight in Perfect Example of How Not to Handle PR – Episode 183

Attorney for the doctor removed from United flight says he lost 2 teeth, suffered a concussion, broken nose; will undergo reconstructive surgery.

And this afternoon, direct from the you can’t make this shit up department, came the headline “Scorpion stings man on United flight.”

3) Facebook Live Chicken Murder by Republican Missouri Senator Protesting Abortion – Episode 191

In a video posted to Facebook Live, a Missouri lawmaker cuts off the head of a chicken while announcing he wants to stop abortions in the state.

4)Boycott BrouHaHa over Purpose of a Dog Movie – Episode 171

PETA called for boycott after video emerged showing an obviously terrified German Shepherd being forced into rushing water where it very nearly drowned

5) Evil Martin Shkreli Jailed After Facebook Post About Hillary Clinton’s Hair – Episode 201

Martin Shkreli, one of the most hated men in the world, is in a maximum security prison after his dangerous and stupid Facebook post offering $5000 for anyone who could get some of Hillary Clinton’s hair during her book tour.

David’s 5 Most Terrifying Marketing Stories Of 2017

1) Fake News Is About To Get Freaky – Episode 174

If you thought fake news websites designed to look like mainstream media was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

2) Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner Ad – Episode 182

Everyone, it seems, disliked this ad because anyone could read anything into it.


3) HBO’s Game of Thrones Meltdown – Episode 178

The season seven premier reveal of HBO’s Game Of Thrones didn’t exactly go according to plan.

4) America Gets Equifaxed – Episode 201

The most damaging data breach in the history of data breaches couldn’tve been more badly handled.

5) China’s Big Data Social Engineering System – Episode 169

The Chinese government has gamified obedience to the state with a Sesame Credit, a social network straight out of a dystopian Steam Punk future.


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