Domain Shadowing & LinkedIn Video Ads

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 208

Co-hosts B.L. Ochman and David Erickson discussed the shadow sub-domain hacking of the Trump organization; LinkedIn’ video advertising trial; a Twitter bot-hunting bot; David’s Movember challenge begins; VR for PTSD; a Virtual Museum; Reddit’s nicewashing; Facebook’s problems overseas; Facebook’s declining organic visibility; Google Drive gets parked; an app that listens to your clunking automobile; plus great new apps and stats you should know…and much, much more.

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Best Digital Cases

New Twitter Account Hunts for Bots That Push Political Opinions

Quartz thought there was not enough being done to identify political bots on Twitter so they created a bot to find them and score them using a Botometer. It found that 15% of political Tweets about Trump in the 2016 election were by bots.

David Tries To Grow A Mustache

David’s boss challenges him to grow a stache for Movember, so David naturally turns to the wonderful Beyond Social Media Show podcast for help.

Reddit Tries Nice Washing

Reddit says it is purging Nazi, white supremacist, and other hate-based groups from its site as part of a new policy change announced Wednesday that targets and bans certain violent material. We’ll believe it when we see it.

Virtual Museums

A VR exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Art gives us a glimpse of dystopias in our near future.

LinkedIn Video Ads On The Horizon

LinkedIn is running a closed test of video ads for sponsored content. These new video ads will initially debut on mobile, with desktop to be added “in the near future.”

LinkedIn Mobile Video Ads

Clunker App

Rather than plugging a diagnostic dongle into a car’s controller area network—with the attendant hacking risk—Joshua Siegel and his colleagues reckon a smartphone’s microphone and accelerometers could be sufficient.

Worst Digital Cases

Forget Washington. Facebook’s Problems Abroad Are Far More Disturbing

In developing nations, where Facebook pretty much IS the Internet, and where the majority access the Internet on a phone, information on Facebook and Facebook-owned Whats App – via its Facebook’s Free Basics – is the primary news source.

Unfortunately, people are fighting and dying based on the information Facebook has provided. And that’s a matter of grave concern.

Shadow Sub-Domains

The Trump Organization’s domain names were hacked four years ago; the breach had gone undetected until this week.

Google Drive Got Scary This Week

Imagine you’re working on a Google Doc when, seemingly out of nowhere, your ability to edit the online file gets revoked. What you see instead is an error message indicating that you’ve violated Google’s terms of service. You might be surprised at the reasons.

Facebook is Moving Non-Promoted Posts to a Hard to Find Feed

If you thought having only a handful of people see your non-promoted posts was bad, what will you think about 1% of your followers seeing them? Because that’s what some publishers and reporters are saying is happening to their posts. Quartz says “Facebook’s new Explore feed is a cesspool of the Internet.”

Nikhil Sonnad’s Explore feed:

Shiny New Stuff

10% Happier mindful meditation app

It’s a guided mindfulness meditation app, and a podcast for people “Interested in meditation, but allergic to woo-woo?” Dan Harris of ABC News says the meditation app can’t make you 100% happier, but it can make you 10% happier.

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