Guggenheim Punks Trump & Elton John's 360 Retirement Tour

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 216

BL and David discuss the Guggenheim Museum’s punking of Donald Trump with a golden toilet; the Finnegans beer augmented reality Super Bowl commercial; one-star Paris reviews; how Burger King educated consumers about Net Neutrality with Whopper Neutrality PSA ad; get out the vote postcards; Elton John’s 360 retirement tour trailer; Budweiser’s Big Data focus; Facebook’s newsfeed fail; the Super Bowl America deserves; the Twitter follower factory…and much, much more.

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Best Digital Cases

Trumps Punked By Guggenheim With Solid Gold Toilet

Instead of the VanGogh the Trumps wanted to borrow for their private residence at the White House, Nancy Spector, chief curator of the Guggenheim, offered an 18-karat, fully functioning, solid gold toilet. The interactive work is titled “America.”

Augmented Reality Super Bowl Ad

Finnegans, a nonprofit brewery that donates 100% of its profits to food shelves, has a budget of zero for a Super Bowl ad. So how to land a spot on the Big Game.

Paris Reviewed

A hilarious list of one-star reviews of the city of Paris,from Trip Advisor.

Burger King Deftly Explains Net Neutrality

Burger King is making a name for itself by cleverly explaining prominent social and political issues with PSA ads. Last October we discussed the brand’s bulling PSA ad. This time, Burger King explains Net Neutrality.

Postcards to Voters

Grassroots organization Postcards to Voters supports Democrats in close races. Its 10,000 volunteers have sent over 500,000 handmade postcards to voters in dozens of key, close elections.

Postcards to Voters

Elton John’s 360-Degree Retirement Party

Elton John announced his plans to cap off a career spanning more than half a century with an epic three-year globetrotting tour, with more than 300 shows planned across five continents, with the release of a retrospective 360 video.

Big Data Bud

With craft beer sales posing a serious threat to its business, Anheuser-Busch InBev is turning to big data to reclaim its competitive edge.

Worst Digital Cases

Trump Trends. For Clapping.

Trump clapping for himself was the weirdest part of the State of the Union. It became a thing. He really loved his speech.

Free Beer Showers

A Minnesota establishment is offering fans of the Philadelphia Eagles who are in Minneapolis to watch their team in the Super Bowl free beers…to be thrown on them.

Facebook’s Fake Response to Fake News

Time spent on Facebook in the U.S. is down 50 million hours per day. Zuckerberg says that’s ok.

Manufactured Followers

The New York Times takes an in-depth look at Twitter follower factories and the people who use them to artificially inflate their “influence.” The story is also a superb example of interactive and data journalism.

Shiny New Stuff

Vintage Movie Posters

The research library at the University of Texas at Austin’s Harry Ransom Center has more than 10,000 posters that it’s digitizing and slowly making available online.

WATCH file – Writers Artists and Their Copyright Holders database

Copyright contacts for writers, artists, and prominent figures in other creative fields.

Instagram Scheduling

With an Instagram Business Profile, you can now actually schedule posts through Hootsuite that are actually published to your Instagram account. Finally.


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Chart: Super Bowl Ad Prices


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