Drake's God Plan Video

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 217

BL and David discuss Drake’s generous video budget; the Beyond Social Media Show’s entre on Amazon Echo; an antidote to depressing news; Amazon Echo’s ignore feature; the Olympics’ accidental P.F. Chang’s branding; Surly Brewing’s killer content marketing example; Domino’s Dom Juan Tinder chatbot; 20+ hilarious tweets by single people that will make you laugh, then cry; Bronx Zoo’s roach Valentine’s; life in social media algorithm hell; sexist Doritos; Nastygrammers; David’s love/hate relationship with The Full Monty newsletter; Olympic swarm drones; Boston Dynamics’ freaky door-opening robot; inside Facebook’s two years of hell…and much, much more.

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Best Digital Cases

Drake Drops God’s Plan

The video starts “The budget for this video was $996,631.90. We gave it all away. Don’t tell the label.”


We Are On Alexa!

Alexa, play the “Beyond Social Media Show Podcast.”

Antidote to Bad News

Depressed and anxious reading your social feeds and the daily horrible news and rancor? Two journalists have the antidote we all need.

Welcome To Minnesota

Surly Brewing kills it with a content marketing piece that newsjacks Super Bowl LII.

The Graphics Guy Did It

Chicago’s WLS-Ch.7 news team, accidentally broadcast a report in Saturday morning about the political backdrop to the Winter Olympics, illustrated with the graphic, “P.F. Chang 2018.” P.F. Chang is an Asian-inspired chain restaurant.


Domino’s Hearts Tinder

It can be tough out there for single people on Valentine’s Day.

Single Tweets

These will make you laugh.

Worst Digital Cases

World’s Worst Valentine’s Gift

This year, the Bronx Zoo came up with a Valentine package that surely won’t be forgotten (in fact I bet you’ll dream about it when I tell you what it is.)

My Love/Hate Relationship With The Full Monty

It’s all underlines in Outlook 365.

Screenshot: Love/Hate Relationship With The Full Monty Newsletter

Life In Social Media Algorithm Hell

Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat have all announced major algorithm changes lately, and users aren’t happy about them. Backlash started with a hoax Tweet.


Swarm Drones

The opening ceremonies of the Olympics featured synchronized swarm drones forming the shape of the Olympic circles and much more.

Sexist Doritos

One or two sentence description


Door-Opening Robots

Boston Dynamics is freaking everyone out with its latest robot.

Diet Madison Avenue – Anonymous Nasty Instagrammers – Call Out Sexual Harassment

Diet Madison Avenue is a private, anonymous Instagram account that is naming and shaming Madison Avenue execs it says have engaged in sexual harassment. It’s got 13.9 K followers

Diet Madison Avenue

How Facebook F*%#ed Up

An excellent account of how Facebook realized the platform was being used by Russia to manipulate the American electoral system.

Shiny New Stuff

How to Identify & Remove Bot Followers

Poynter.org listed several ways to tell if your Twitter followers are bots and how to remove them.

Privacy Policy

A free privacy policy generator tool.

Find Security Threats

This free service allows users to click through and see the types of attacks prevailing, the current threat level and a cybersecurity index.

Wake Me When We Get There

If you’ve ever fallen asleep on a train or bus, you’ll love this location-based alarm clock that wakes you at your stop on public transportation.

Pinterest Groupie

Find Pinterest boards to join based on Pinterest’s own categories.


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