Cambridge Analytica Scandal & #MarchForOurLives

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 222

BL and David discuss the global anti-gun violence #MarchForOurLives; Facebook’s terrible week as news about the Cambridge Analytica data scandal finally hit mainstream media; how to live Tweet your presentation; the Marlon Bundo bunny book war between VP Pence and John Oliver; NYTimes planned TV series; YouTube’s new Quickstream for Chrome; marketing of Crusoe the Celebrity Puppy;#hashtags in Instagram bios at last; animated paint chips; a “Girls Only” job ad from Outsourcely; China’s social scoring; #FilmsMadeByFarmers..and much, much more.

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Best Digital Cases


Among the most moving speeches was Naomi Wadler, age 11, for whom we should start a campaign fund right now. Clearly, she’ll be President one day.

How To Live-Tweet Your Own Conference Presentation

Seven steps you should take to live-tweet your own conference presentation.

Bunny Wars

John Oliver’s Parody Children’s Book ‘Marlon Bundo’ Challenges Pence’s Views on LGBT Rights Guess which one is the best-seller on Amazon?

NY Times TV

The New York Times has conquered the podcasting world with “The Daily.” Now it wants to crack television with a weekly news program.

She Was the Only Woman in a Photo of 38 Scientists, Until Twitter Found Her

Everyone was identified except the one woman in a group photo of 38 mostly white and all male marine biologists. The men were named in the caption, the woman was not. It took Twitter only three days to solve the mystery.

Easy YouTube Live Streaming

YouTube has released a feature that makes it simple and quick to start a livestream from your desktop.

Screenshot: YouTube Go-Live Button Screenshot: YouTube Go Live Public Or Private Stream Screenshot: Preview Stream & Capture A Thumbnail Screenshot: YouTube Go Live Livestream

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Ever dreamed of having your dog support you so you don’t have to work 9 to 5? Meet Crusoe, whose humans are his managers and producers.

Instagram Upgrades Bios

Hashtags and @tags are now live in Instagram biographies.

Screenshot: David Erickson's Instagram Biography

Animated Paint

This animated ad from Sherwin-Williams make me want to paint something. The campaign theme is “Where Will Color Take You?”


Twitter went whimsical today when #FilmsMadeByFarmers started trending.

Worst Digital Cases

Only Girls Can Apply For This Job

A job ad from Outsourcely is seeking an “Email Marketer with great social media skills! (girls only)”

Close Sesame?

China’s Orwellian social engineering system Sesame Credit is now punishing citizens with poor social scores by banning them from public transit.

Mainstream Media Discovers Cambridge Analytica Story

The Cambridge Analytica story finally broke open this past week with joint reporting by The Guardian and the New York Times.

Shiny New Stuff

Digital experiences apps for make-up

Thanks to augmented reality apps, you soon won’t need to go to a store to try or buy make-up.

400,000 Free Fine Art Images

The third most visited museum in the world has essentially turned over a trove of high resolution images to any individual or business who wish to use, copy, or modify them for their projects—with no conditions attached.

Mountain Torrent

Procreate app

An artist who goes by Subway Doodle, uses Procreate to add monsters to photos he takes on iPhone and transfers to iPad.


Doug Simon interviewed BL on how the power of live streaming is transforming the communication industry

The Daily Numbers

Chart: Consumer Openness To Smart Speaker Audio Ads


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