Yelp Adds Restaurant Health Scores

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 236

BL and David discuss the addition of health grades to Yelp restaurant listings; Bonobos’ #EvolveTheDefinition of masculinity campaign; the Terminal 3 virtual border agent art installation; Amazon’s plans to roll out retargeting ads; a superb example of visual journalism that explains blockchain; the bitcoin extortion phishing scam; a PR pitch from hell; Tronc’s massive layoffs at the New York Daily News; Uber drivers fraudulently charging passengers for vomit cleanup; Facebook’s stock freefall; and much, much more.

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Best Digital Cases

Bonobos Mansplains

Men’s clothing brand Bonobos unveiled #EvolveTheDefinition, questioning the definition of masculinity and encouraging conversations about what it means to be a man today. The “movement” quickly became controversial.

Virtual Customs Agents

Terminal 3 is an interactive, augmented-reality documentary that explores contemporary Muslim identities in the U.S. through the lens of an airport interrogation.

Rothy’s Viral Shoe Sensation – Now for Kids

Rothy’s is an eco-friendly shoe brand that went viral. They’re made of recycled plastic bottles.

Rothys recycled plastic shoes

Amazon Retargeting

Amazon plans to dramatically increase inventory for its Sponsored Products ads by retargeting its visitors across the web.

Yelp Scores Health Inspection Ratings

Yelp is beginning to integrate health inspection scores into its restaurant and food-service listings.

Blockchain Visualized

A superb example of visual journalism that explains blockchain in imagery.

Worst Digital Cases

PR Pitch From Hell

Yet another example of how not to pitch a blogger.

Screenshot: National Cellular Directory Spam Email

My Email Blackmail Threat

A threatening email attemtped to extort $7000 via Bitcoin. B.L. published the email and contacted the FBI. Turns out, this cyrberbully gets around. If you get one, report it to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Here’s the email I received. There are many variations circulating. Ignore them. But do report them to the FBI.
Email bitcoin blackmail threat

Vomit Fraud

As if you needed another reason to avoid Uber like the plague…

Tronc Lays Off Half of NY Daily News Editorial Staff

Monday was a dark day for journalism. Tronc (world’s ugliest name) bought the Pulitzer Prize winning New York Daily News for $1 and promptly laid off the editor and half the newsroom staff.

Facebook’s $120 Billion-plus rout is the Biggest One Day Loss in Stock Market History

On Thursday, Facebook lost about $120 billion in market capitalization, after its earnings report after the market close on Wednesday missed expectations on revenue and showed slowing user growth. Mark Zuckerberg lost $16 billion of his personal wealth.

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Webgazer is free monitoring of up and down time on one site. Notifies you by email if anything is wrong.

Multicultural Stock Photography

A resource to help you avoid those lily white stock office photos


The Daily Numbers

Chart: Meal Kit Subscription Challenges


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Impeachera is a perfectly done spoof of pharmaceutical ads. Impeachera is the drug for T.I.A.D. – trump induced anxiety disorder. Impeachera works on your neurotransmitters to convince you that trump has already been impeached.

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