Facebook's Trust Scoring & Instagramming Novels

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 240

BL and David discuss the NY Public Library’s Alice In Instagramland, spam best practice, Google Shortwave for podcasts, Facebook’s new trust scores; AI word pictures, Patio Pizza chairs, Conference Gifs, Papa John’s weird apology video, MacBook Pro’s terrible keyboard, Creepy 3D Cartoons, how AI could stop Russian interference in US elections…and much, much more.

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Best Digital Cases

Alice in Instagramland

The NY Public Library is bringing classic novels to Instagram, beginning with Alice in Wonderland.


Direct Mail Spam

A case study in the best practices for spamming people: Send them food.

Shari's Gourmet

The Shari’s Gourmet gift basket David received from StackAdapt as direct mail spam.

Google Shortwave Experimental Podcast App

More proof of the rise of podcasting – An experimental unit within Google has been quietly developing a new app for discovering, playing and sharing podcasts.

Google Area 120 experiments website

Facebook’s Reputation Algorithms

Facebook has begun to assign its users a reputation score, predicting their trustworthiness on a scale from zero to 1. The social network also applies a reputation score to ads and advertiser pages.

AI Makes Images from Horrifying Words

Inside AI reported on a system called AttnGAN that generates images based on text input.

AI generated this cute puppy image

I asked it to draw “Cute Puppy”

Patio Pizza

Boston Pizza and Toronto agency John St. follow up their pizza box for eating in bed with the Patio Pizza box.

Boston Pizza's Patio Pizza Box

Conference Marketing

Alight Analytics rocked their GIF game on Twitter during the Digital Summit Minneapolis marketing conference.

Worst Digital Cases

Papa John’s Releases Bizarre Apology Video To Distance Themselves From Racist Idiot Namesake

Not content to let disgraced founder and former CEO John Schnattner’s whining go unchallenged, new Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie has issued a new “Core Values” statement for the company, along with a very strange video, which had 156K views in its first 4 hours on Twitter.

Creepy 3D Cartoons

Miguel Vasquez creates realistic 3D models of cartoon characters like Homer Simpson and Spongebob Squarepants. They’re disturbing.


Security Guard Filmed All His Farts for Six Months, Went Viral, Got Fired

A Florida security guard calling himself The Flart Authority, spent the last six months publicly logging his farts on Instagram. He posted a compilation video on YouTube, where it went viral. He then live-streamed his firing. Now he has a Patreon.

Shiny New Stuff

Do Nothing for Two Minutes

Stop what you are doing for two minutes and listen to ocean waves.

Brizzly – the Social Network to End Them All

Brizzly is the new social network that goes nowhere. You type in a message and it disappears.

Live Voice Transcription App

Otter.ai is a note-taking app that records audio and transcribes that audio in real time.


TapeACall is great for taping interviews. $24.99 a year lets you record calls you’re already on, or calls you’re about to make. Once you’re done, the recordings show up instantly, ready for you to share or save

MailChimp Tags

The email marketing platform has added a useful new feature: Tags.


B.L. interviewed Dr. JT Kostman – one of the world’s leading Data Strategists and experts in Applied Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing. He says top social platforms have all the data they need to stop foreign interference in U.S. elections now.

Why don’t they? Money, honey.


The Daily Numbers

Chart: Most Appropriate Forms Of Communication


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