New Prince Music Video & High Times At Coca-Cola?

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 241

BL and David discuss Prince’s new music video that pays tribute to the scores of teens and children affected by gun-related violence every year; the Twitterification of Twitter; the crumbling of the college degree barrier; the National Voter Registration Day media takeover; Coca-Cola’s interest in the marijuana industry; dancing lessons for NFL players; the opening of Bud Light’s Victory Fridges; an update to the Social Media Guru list; augmented reality applied below ground; Arby’s tattoos the meats; the hacking of our website; who is getting raises and who is not; the New York Times’ video case study of the Tylenol poisoning; Big Foot searches for Minnesota Rep Erik Paulsen, who nobody can ever find…and much, much more.

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Best Digital Cases

Making Twitter More Like Twitter

Twitter says we’ll soon be able to easily switch our feeds back to chronological order. Leo Kottke has another idea.

No Degree Required

The economy continues to be a friendly place for job seekers today, and not just for the ultra-educated — economists are predicting ever-improving prospects for workers without a degree as well.

New Prince Video Takes A Stand on Gun Violence

The first official video released since Prince’s death takes viewers directly into the grief of an entire family after gun violence kills a son.

First Dance With Mary Jane?

The world’s largest beverage company may be the next industry giant to jump into the cannabis drinks business.

Nonpartisan Media, Brands Promote Voting

More than a dozen media, entertainment and consumer brands have formed a nonpartisan coalition to encourage voter registration and voting.

Non-partisan voter registration in advance of US elections.

Underground AR

Meet the app that shows you where the cables are buried.

NFL Touchdown Dance Tips

Once derided as the “no fun league,” the NFL is having fun with its marketing in the new “Get Ready to Celebrate” campaign.

Bud Light’s Victory Fridges

Cleveland Browns fans found free beer at the stadium and local bars.

2018 Update on Twitter Social Media Gurus

Since 2009, BL has provided updates on the number of self-appointed Social Media Gurus, and other Twitter bio social media titles. Here are the trends. Want to know where social media marketing is going? Watch the video below.

Study on Twitter bios

Worst Digital Cases

Meat Tattoos

Arby’s is offering people free tattoos inspired by their sandwiches. They include things like an hamburger dripping with cheese with a ribbon that says “We’ve got the meat.” Or you can get a tattoo of their curly fries or their sauce packets.

Getting Hacked

Some resources that might help should the unfortunate occur.

Marketing, PR, Journalism Not in Top 10 for Raises

Thinking of asking the boss for a raise? Read this first. Then read the Siftly Salary Reports on Strategy, Media and Client Services positions so you know what you’re really worth.

The Tylenol Crisis Communication Case Study

A great video case study of how Johnson & Johnson came back from the Tylenol poisoning crime.


Big Foot Video Attack Ad

US House candidate Dean Phillips of Minnesota takes aim at famously absent Rep Erik Paulsen in a video featuring Big Foot coming out of hiding to find Erik Paulsen.

Shiny New Stuff

Email Inspiration

A repository of excellent emails, a newsletter and a podcast.


The Daily Numbers

Chart: Nike Colin Kaepernick Ad Return


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