Serena Williams Sings & Fighting Deepfakes

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 243

BL and David discuss Serena Williams singing “I Touch Myself” for breast cancer self-exam awareness; celebrities mount #DefyTheName campaign to fight bullying; Netflix lets you choose your Black Mirror plot; Instacodes come to Instagram; Google’s former head of PR writes a hilarious satire lampooning big tech; IMDB TV beams over Amazon; the #UpsideTown contest prize is a dream trip; Pixel Groups come to Facebook; BrainNet is the next big social network; Facebook’s Hack issue spreads across the web; DeepFakes are disastrous; why you might want to pass on MoviePass …and much, much more.

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Best Digital Cases

Serena Williams Sings for Breast Cancer Awareness

Serena Williams sings “I Touch Myself” while staring straight into the camera and covering her breasts with both hands to emphasize the importance of self exams for early detection of breast cancer.


John Oliver, Olivia Munn and more aim to #DefyTheName.

Black Mirror Goes Interactive

Interactive TV is here at last. Netflix viewers will get to choose their own storylines in one episode of the upcoming 5th season of “Black Mirror.”

A scene from Black Mirror

Internet Movie Database To Launch Streaming Service

Amazon is expected to announce a free, ad-supported video service on Fire TV which will feature libraries of past TV shows and movies.

Chart: US TV Ad Spending - 2014-2020

Former Google PR Head Lampoons Big Tech

Jessica Powell, former head of PR at Google, has written a hilarious satirical novel, “The Big Disruption,” offering “A Totally Fictional But Essentially True Silicon Valley Story.”

The Big Disruption


School communities are being tested at some U.S. universities for Instagram’s new nametag feature.

A Reflective Contest

Your photo of a reflection in water, using the hashtag #UpsideTown, could win you a dream vacation.

Pixeled Facebook Groups

The feature is another reason for Facebook advertisers to pay more attention to groups as user growth of Facebook’s news feed has slowed.


BrainNet allows collaborative problem-solving using direct brain-to-brain communication.

Worst Digital Cases

Facebook Hack Grows Worse

If you ever used Facebook to log into other sites, you should consider changing your passwords on every one of those sites.



Fake sex videos aren’t a new phenomenon, but advancement in AI is worrying as ‘deepfakes’ are becoming increasingly harder to distinguish from real videos.

Why You Might Want To Pass on MoviePass

MoviePass restored its $9.95 a month unlimited movies, but forced subscribers who had cancelled their subscriptions to re-subscribe. The company changes plans constantly.

Shiny New Stuff

Firefox Monitor

Firefox Monitor tells you whether your email has been stolen or breached and it doesn’t store your email address. You can sign up for alerts.

Subject Line Testing Tool

The app allows marketers to test subject lines for potential deliverability and marketability issues that could affect campaign performance.

Screenshot: Score


EKO is a powerful and free web-based authoring tool you can use to make interactive, live-action stories.

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