Spotting Fake News & Dunkin' Donuts' Tiny Home

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 245

BL and David discuss misplaced trust on social media; Lacta’s 5Star Chocolately Mayhem commercials; the Parkland Kids and Kesha’s “Most Vicious Cycle” video; Carvana’s car vending machines; scientists outing Bots; Dunkin’ Donuts’ tiny house powered by coffee; Twitter’s new tool for spotting haters; Madden Newsjacks Linval Joseph; how to keep your kids from seeing political attach attack on YouTube; horse blinders for humans; President Obama debunking excuses not to vote; Ted Cruz’ failed Facebook livestream; dissing 45…and much, much more.

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Best Digital Cases

Can You Spot Fake News?

How 14 million people were fooled by a Facebook video and how you can vet the stories you see.

Chocolately Mayhem

Candy ads are supposed to be lighter fare, right? It’s candy. It’s supposed to be fun.

Parkland Kids & Kesha’s “Most Vicious Cycle”

Kesha and The Parkland Kids teamed up with her brother Sage Sebert, McCann New York and Mill+ to illustrate the seemingly hopeless chain of events around school shootings and gun violence in a powerful new music video, “The Most Vicious Cycle.”

Vending Cars

The 14th car vending machine in the U.S. just opened in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, following automated car-selling fixtures in other cities.

MIT Prof Has a New Method for Finding Social Media Bots

“Humans talk to humans, bots talk to humans, and nobody talks to bots,” according to Tauhid Zaman, associate professor of operations management at MIT Sloan.

Coffee Power

Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee at Home, who recently launched the very literal Home That Runs on Dunkin’.

Electronic Sports Newsjacks Linval Joseph

Electronic Arts jacked the news of Linval Joseph’s 64-yard fumble recovery touchdown by bumping up the Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle’s speed rating in the video game.

New Program Spotting Haters on Twitter

A new tool called the Exploring Online Hate dashboard is being used to spot haters on Twitter.

Worst Digital Cases

Horse Blinders for Humans

Pray you never have to wear these. They’re $250 from Panasonic. Neigh!

Horse Blinders for humans who work in open offices

Attack Ads For Toddlers

Even if you are a child—say 5 years old—just trying to watch a Hatchimal video on YouTube can require viewing a political attack ad with words not meant for kids.

Shiny New Stuff

Twitter Influence Score

Determine the true level of influence for any Twitter profile on a scale from 0-100.


President Obama Debunks 7 Top Excuses for Not Voting

Myth: “My vote doesn’t matter” Obama says “the last election was decided by 100,000 people in 3 states. More people go to Coachella.”

Ted Cruz’ Facebook Live Goes Hilariously Wrong

Skip ahead to the 10 minute mark…..

Projects Disses 45

The Daily Numbers

Chart: Social Media Persuasion


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