The Grinch Saves At Ebates & 3D Facebook Photos

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 247

BL and David discuss the global Google employee walkout; Ben & Jerry’s Pecan Resist ice cream; new Facebook 3D photos; brevity rules on Twitter; the Grinch shops on Ebates; Bing offers LinkedIn targeting in search ads; standup comedy visualized; Disney bedtime soundtracks for kids via Google Home; the Devil’s Triad; dead digital celebrities; Facebook fake ad problems persist…and much, much more.

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Best Digital Cases

Google Employees’ Worldwide Walkout

Thousands of Googlers worldwide held walkouts today to protest the company’s handling of sexual harassment.

Demands by Google employees in walkout

3D Facebook Photos

What if you could peek behind what’s in your photos, like you’re moving your head to see what’s inside a window?

Facebook 3D Photos

Ben & Jerry’s “Pecan Resist” Political Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s says it’s taking a stand against what it calls the Trump administration’s regressive policies by rebranding one of its flavors Pecan Resist. Sales of the flavor support $25,000 each to four activist entities: Color of Change, Honor the Earth, Women’s March and multi-media platform Neta.

The Grinch Saves At Ebates

Ebates is running a cute tie-in commercial with the new Grinch animated feature film.

Brevity Still Rules One Year After Tweet Length Doubled

Increasing Tweet length from 140 to 289 hasn’t turned all tweets into short novels.The average quote is just 33 characters.

Bing Ads LinkedIn

Bing rolls out LinkedIn targeting options for search ads.

Twitter Outs Election Disrupting Russian & Iranian Accounts

Twitter released all 10 million accounts and two million pieces of related content it identified as part of Russian and Iranian information operations on its service in the past two years. All of the content is available for independent research and investigation.

Dead Digital Celebrities

Improvements in CGI mean neither age nor death need stop some performers from working.

Stand-Up Comedy Visualized

A superb visual essay that breaks down the humor in Ali Wong’s stand-up routine.

Bedtime Soundtracks For Disney Books

A new sponsored feature aims to enhance stories read aloud.

The Devil’s Triad

Quartz’ Obsession takes a deep dive into the Devil’s Triad, tracing its history from the Middle Ages.

Worst Digital Cases

Facebook Can’t Solve Its Problems

Vice News and ProPublica proved that Facebook’s “Paid for by” feature is easily manipulated and appears to allow anyone to lie about who is paying for a political ad, or to pose as someone paying for the ad.

Ticketmaster’s Craptastick App

David rants about the horrible experience of trying multiple times and unsuccessfully of getting a ticket transfered to him with the Ticketmaster app. Worst consumer experience ever..but then at least it’s consistent with the brand.

BrouHaHa About Twitter Likes Removal

The Telegraph reported that Twitter is getting rid of the Like button. That news went viral. The change is or is not true.

Shiny New Stuff

CEO Address Lookup

An app that can find (but not always) the email, snail mail and other deets about any CEO.

Tweet Chats

Excellent list of 35 social media and marketing Twitter chats.


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