AI Anchors & #NeverForget

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 248

BL and David discuss China news agency’s artificial intelligence news anchors; Pete Davidson’s Saturday Night Live’s #NeverForget apology to Dan Crenshaw; in-theater augmented reality game for Ralph Breaks The Internet; Tim Berners-Lee’s new Contract for the Web; Bill Gates’ toilet reinvention project; Facebook Messenger’s Unsend button; video game horse poop physics; Chrome cracking skulls over abusive ads; the secret lives of Red Dead Redemption II non-player characters; Google My Business new features; MoviePass’ continuing messes; the story behind the Persistent Baby Bear viral video;…and much, much more.

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Best Digital Cases


Pete Davidson apologized on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend to Dan Crenshaw, the former Navy SEAL and newly elected representative he mocked last week in a widely criticized “Weekend Update” segment.

Cinema Screen Augmented Reality Games

Promoting characters from Disney’s upcoming ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet,’ the 30 second game is the latest in the cinema ad network’s embrace of pre-show AR.

Cluetrain II

Rampant online harassment and the spread of misinformation are ruining the web. A new campaign spearheaded by Tim Berners-Lee intends to change that.

Scatolotical Bill Gates

The Microsoft founder wants to rethink toilets.


Soon you can have Zuckerberg powers.

Horse Poop Physics

Rockstar Games knows equine defecation.

Chrome Blocks Abusive Ads

Google today announced Chrome is further cracking down on “abusive experiences” — buttons designed to intentionally mislead and trick users into taking action on the web.

Secret Lives Of Red Dead Redemption Non-Player Characters

Following characters for a day.

Google My Business Updates

Here are two changes that happened in local search over the weekend.

Worst Digital Cases

Pass On MoviePass

An extension of BL and thousands of others’ continuing rant against MoviePass, which has stopped providing access to movies, but hasn’t stopped charging subscribers.

Artificially Intelligent Anchors

But the agency’s new host isn’t any more sophisticated than a CGI puppet.

The Persistent Baby Bear Cautionary Tale

What appears to be a life-affirming triumph is really a cautionary tale about drones and wildlife.

Baby bear and mama bear reunited

Shiny New Stuff

Free Vintage Images

From posters, baseball cards, and pets to Civil War pics, jazz greats and gridiron leatherheads.

Netflix Chrome Extension

Lets you find hidden categories on Netflix.

PDF Tool

Combines a variety of PDF tools into one place. All of these functions are completely free and don’t even need a credit card to sign into PDF Candy.

Copyblogger FM Podcast

A weekly podcast devoted to copywriting.

The Daily Numbers

Chart: How Job Candidates Evaluate Employer Brands


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