Augmented Reality Books & Payless Punks Influencers

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 251

BL and David discuss influencers punked by Payless; Canada Goose freezing customers; unfinished stories of distracted driver victims; easy Facebook engagement; holiday Tweets; Dogs Trust’s dogs are not gifts ad; augmented reality children’s books; #ChintatownOtter’s koi rampage; Starbucks banned; hashtag hijacking; Lockheed-Martian; Foodfluencers; editable Tweets…and much, much more.

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Best Digital Cases

Influencers Punked By Palessi

Discount shoe store Payless opened a fake pop up called Palessi and got influencers to pay designer prices of $200 to $600 for shoes sold at Payless for $20 to $40. Their reactions, when they learned they’d been punked, are now a series of commercials for Payless.


Social Media Breakfast MSP hosted a panel of foodie influencers.

Unfinished Stories

A powerful new campaign from Traveler’s Insurance imagines the future that would have played out for real-life victims of distracted drivers had they not been killed.

Freezing Customers

Trying on garb in minus 13-degree conditions lets shoppers size up a coat’s warmth factor.

Twitter’s 9 Holiday Tips for Brands

Twitter examined activity on its platform during the 2017 holiday shopping season and shared nine trends for brands to consider for this year.

Editable Twitter

For the first time since the end of 2016, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shed some light on the company’s thoughts about building an edit button for tweets.

Dogs Are For Life

Nonprofit Dogs Trust, issued a funny video showing people treating Christmas presents like dogs. And wrapping a dog as a present. Voiceover says ‘Christmas presents aren’t dogs. And dogs aren’t Christmas presents. A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.’

Augmented Reality Books

Through Wonderscope, children can see the story take place all around them and play an active role in the plot.

Chinatown OtterMan Empire

A wily otter has gained Internet fame as he continues to evade capture after eating 11 of Vancouver’s Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden’s expensive koi dish, including 50 year-old Madonna.

Facebook Mobile Engagement Options

If you manage a Facebook Page, you now have the option to engage with posts on Facebook as either yourself or as the page you manage.

Screenshot: Facebook Mobile Engagement Options

Lockheed Martian

Lockheed-Martin changed its name and logo to Lockheed Martian for 24 hours to celebrate the landing of the Mars InSight spacecraft, which it built.

Lockheed-Martin changed its logo to Lockeed-Martian to celebrate Mars landing

Starbucks Banned

Starbucks announced that starting in 2019, the coffee chain would actively block access to pornography sites for anyone using free Wi-Fi in their establishments. Less than 24 hours later, YouPorn banned Starbucks coffee from it’s offices.

Worst Digital Cases

Instagram Influencers Newsjack California Wildfire Fire Hashtags

Instagram Influencers hijacked hashtags related to the California wildfires to promote nudes, clothing brands, sales, and themselves.

Walmart’s Blatant Advertising to Children

Advertising to children is big business, but it has ethical and psychological implications.
Walmart’s Toy Lab is a case in point.

Shiny New Stuff

YouTube Community Posts

YouTube ads social update posts feature.

Screenshot: YouTube Community Posts


Me2Bot, is a conversational, confidential chatbot that provides critical information about sexual harassment and assault and directs users to resources to safely report incidents.

Moo Business Cards

An excellent example of extreme attention to the customer experience


Politics: Inaccurate Election Maps

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