Podcast Marketing – How We Got To Episode 254

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 254

This week on BEYOND SOCIAL MEDIA SHOW, BL and David threw out our standard format to look at our five-plus year journey as podcasters, and talk about how we plan to shake up our format in 2019.

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Audio for Episode 254 of the Beyond Social Media Show Podcast

We want this podcast to be as valuable for you as it is for us to produce, so we’d like to know what you like, what you don’t and what you wish we’d add.

In this episode, we covered why we started, the technology and marketing channels we use (we started on BlogTalkRadio!) and our equipment, which is supremely simple. We talked about the marketing efforts we each make for the show, things we’ve tried that were successful, and some that were not.

If you’re podcasting, or thinking about starting a podcast, we hope that the information we’ve shared will be very helpful to you.

Among the formats we’re considering:

  • Focusing on a single topic per episode
  • Once a month episode devoted to cool tools
  • One interview a month by Dave and B.L. and a really top tier guest
  • Demos of the tools we use, like SEMRush, Lisbyn, Hootsuite, etc.
  • Mini-case studies of projects we’re doing, to demonstrate how to get and measure results
  • More Pro Tips from B.L. and David
  • One monthly episode with our current format of Good, Bad & Ugly in marketing, advertising, PR and digital communications, plus Shiny New Objects, Politics and Stats you need to know

We don’t just want to tell you what we want to tell you.

What we really, really want to know is what YOU want to hear. So please email us (David’s email & BL’s email), Tweet to us, comment on our LinkedIn or Facebook page, or send smoke signals, but do send us your thoughts.

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