Zion Williamson Nike Shoe Blow Out

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 260

BL and David discuss 12 year-old journalist Hilde Kate Lysiak; Tweet Annotations; Little Ditty, Bout Jack & Diane’s wedding; 2019 Video Trends; Anty McAntface naming contest; free coloring books from museums; Boo on Burberry’s noose; Zion Williamson’s Nike shoe blowout; YouTube brand ad exodus; Google’s secret microphone … and much, much more.

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Audio for Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 260

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12 Year-Old Journalist Hilde Kate Lysiak Rules

Since she was 9, Hilde has broken news about bank robberies, alleged rapes and other lurid crimes in the Orange Street News, the paper that she publishes out of her parents’ home in Selinsgrove, Pa.

Twitter Annotations

Twitter doesn’t have an “edit” button, which means if you say something stupid or inaccurate or that gets taken out of context, you’re either stuck with that tweet forever or you have to delete the tweet entirely.

Jack & Diane’s Wedding

To make the point that two senior dogs, who the shelter named Jack and Diane were a bonded pair who need to be adopted together, Kennebec Valley Humane Society in Augusta, Maine, staged a wedding with music by John Cougar Mellencamp.

2019 Video Trends

Mats Micheal Olsen of the Spoon agency discusses some video trends to pay attention to this year.

Anty McAntface Naming Contest

Friday Tweet from the Yorkshire Wildlife Park: Against all better judgement from upper management, we have been granted permission to run a naming competition for our new baby Anteater.
Please, internet – be kind.

Free Coloring Books

Over a hundred museums and libraries around the world make coloring books based on their collections for the Color Our Collections program.

Worst Digital Cases

Boo on Burberry Noose!

Burberry is the latest brand with a stupid, racist, ugly piece of clothing to apologize for. They’re deeply sorry about the noose around the model’s neck.


Nike Blows It

Nike became the focus of one of the biggest US college basketball games of the season this week, but not for a reason it would like.

Brands Pull Ads from YouTube Amid Pedophile Invasion

Brands including AT&T, Disney, Kellogg, Hasbro and Epic Games, the publisher of “Fortnite,” have pulled advertisements from YouTube over mounting concern that the video sharing platform has been co-opted by pedophiles

Google, Are You Listening?

Nest users didn’t know a microphone existed on their security device.

Shiny New Stuff


A photo-sharing site on which you can license your images.

Mississippi River by David Erickson on 500px.com


Pro Tips

Building a Twitter Following from scratch

The first hundred followers are the hardest to attract. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Start by using FollowerWonk to search bios for keywords you want to rank on. Since Twitter bios can only be 160 characters, the words in the bio are good indicators of interests and skills.
  • Note the people who Tweet original information, their social authority and how many times they’ve Tweeted.
  • Follow the top people and engage with them: reply to their Tweets; ReTweet them, Direct Message them if their DMs are open.
  • Set up a Google Alert on your keywords to see articles on those topics that you can share.
  • Follow the 12:1 rule: 12 times you reply, ReTweet, share interesting articles and videos; one time you Tweet about your product or service.

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