Apple Services & AMPed For Email

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 264

David discusses Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News+, Apple AirPods 2, Apple Card; audio content marketing; Arizona State University’s science fiction anthology about future solar power; Twitter video subtitles; LinkedIn Lookalike audiences; Google’s AMP for Email; Intel’s Vaunt smart glasses; the unwinnable fight against Russian trolls; the authoritarians’ digital mercenaries; Boston Dynamics’ stacking bot; idiot humans and their fatalgrams;…and much, much more.

Audio version of Beyond Social Media Show podcast, Episode 264

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Best Digital Cases

Apple Services

Apple TV+

What we don’t know is how much it will all cost.

Apple Arcade

Apple announces games and details about its new service.

Apple News+

Apple News+ offers access to more than 300 magazines and newspapers.

AirPods 2

The wireless charging case will also be sold separately for $79 for existing customers.

Apple Card

Coming summer 2019.

Audio Marketing

Podcasts, Digital Assistants, Smart Speakers & The Audio Algorithm.

Novelization Of Marketing

Arizona State University recently released an anthology of science fiction that imagined the future of solar power.

The Weight Of Light cover
The Weight Of Light cover

Twitter Video Subtitles

The social network will continue to support closed captions, as well.

LinkedIn Lookalikes

LinkedIn has added lookalike audiences to its ad offerings after beta testing the tool over the last year.

AMPed Up Emails

Google today officially launched AMP for Email, its effort to turn emails from static documents into dynamic, web page-like experiences.

Intel’s Vaunt Smart Glasses

They look normal and are designed to show simple, basic information in one of your eyes.

Worst Digital Cases

The New Age Of Cyberwarfare

Two TL;MR articles of the dark side of online communication technologies.


The robots are an updated version of the company’s “Handle” bot, first unveiled in 2017.


Another story about Darwinism in the Instagram age.

Shiny New Stuff

TL;DR Generator

Paste your article text in, get an approximation of how long it will take to read.

If Then Podcast

April Glaser & Will Oremus discuss the latest in technology developments in this podcast from Slate.

If Then Podcast: Uber and Lyft Drivers Strike


Pro Tips

Add all your email addresses and phone numbers to your LinkedIn profile. It will make you more discoverable.

The Daily Numbers

Chart: Most in-demand technical marketing skills

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