Facebook's Fake Privacy

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 268

BL and David discuss Facebook’s fake privacy; Burger King’s mental health meals; sonic branding; Holocaust survivor Snaps; a “Big Little Lies” acrostic; a hilarious phone addiction app; Creative Commons visual search engine’ possible new LinkedIn guide to services; an index of fake news sources; YouTube and Amazon make up; Alternative influence networks; Chase Bank’s Twitter debacle; Randy Rainbow’s “Barr!” parody; “Knock Down the House” on Netflix…and much, much more.

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Audio version of Episode 268 of the Beyond Social Media Show

Best Digital Cases

Mental Health Burgers

Burger King is celebrating Mental Health Month with mood burgers!? The brand has a long history of addressing social issues in advertising. And of weird campaigns like Subservient Chicken.


Sonic Branding

Audio branding is becoming increasingly important as voice activation technology advances and smart speakers proliferate.


Snapchat Preserves Holocaust Survivor Stories

Journalists Henry Donovan and Sebastian Gubernator are using Snapchat Stories to show young people what happened in the Holocaust so the stories will not be forgotten.

Big Little Lies Commercial

A clever reveal for season 2 of HBO’s hit series Big Little Lies.


300 Million Creative Commons Images Indexed

Newly launched Creative Commons Search Engine has more than 300 million images pulled from 19 collections, including also the Cleveland Museum of Art, Behance, DeviantArt and even a set of CC0 3D designs from Thingiverse, among others.

How Creative Commons search works

LinkedIn Services

LinkedIn is working on a new addition to profiles which lets users display a list of services they offer.

Poynter Publishes, Removes Fake News Site List

On April 30, Poynter published a list of more than 500 “unreliable news sources. After receiving many complaints from those on the list, they removed it.

Poynter rescinds unreliable sites list

YouTube Everywhere

YouTube Music has arrived on Google Home and YouTube is coming to Amazon Fire TV devices.

Hilarious Phone Addiction App

A new parody ad, for an app called Lookout, makes fun of our outrageous smartphone dependency. It’s so slick that some viewers surely won’t even realize it’s a parody.

10 AP Stylebook Updates You Should Know

Here are a few of the latest – and just plain interesting – changes to AP Stylebook

AP Stylebook - Bologna v Baloney - which is right

Worst Digital Cases

Facebook’s Fake Privacy

Mark Zuckerberg promised “The future is privacy, even from us.” Don’t believe him.

Facebook Privacy

Alternative Influence Networks

How the Joe Rogans and Dave Rubins of the world serve as gateways to extremism.

Twitter Debacle of the Week

A little joke about budgeting became a very big deal for Chase bank. In a twist on “blame the intern,” VaynerMedia blamed a poor shaming Tweet on the client’s internal social media team.

Shiny New Stuff

Red Circle

Red Circle cross promotion platform for smaller podcasts.

Red Circle Cross Promotion Proposal for Podcasts

Feedly Pro

A feed reader on steroids.

Clinton Foundation Podcast – “Why Am I Telling You This?”

Trailer for new Clinton Foundation podcast, coming this summer.


Randy Rainbow “Barr!”

The always fabulous Randy Rainbow’s latest song parody.

Knock Down The House

Follow the stories of four inspiring women who took on history in the 2018 midterm election.

The Daily Numbers

The top email clients by open rate.

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