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Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 274

BL and David discuss the 🚀Apollo Moon Landing AR; Taylor Swift Live On Prime; 🐦Brand Tweets Timeline; ⚛️ Periodic SEO; 👮 Social Crackdowns; 🔗 LinkedIn Algorithm; 🚗 VW’s UGCFake Spotting; 🔍 Fake Spotting; 📣Viral BL; Google Voice Strategy; Voice Privacy; Protect & Slur; 🛋️ Wayfair Goes Way Too Far; 📆 Phishing On Your Calendar; 📥 Blasting Email…and much, much more.

Audio version of Episode 274 of the Beyond Social Media Show

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Best Digital Cases

Moon Landing in AR

🚀 Smithsonian’s interactive Appollo Moon Shot AR app lets you pilot and interact with key moments in the 1969 Apollo 11 Moon Landing.

1969 Appollo Moon Landing

Taylor Swift Headlines Prime Day

Amazon streams a live concert to snag younger Prime subscribers and to promote its own branded sales day.

History of Brand Twitter

An exhaustively researched and super hyperlinked piece on the history of brands on Twitter, from 2007 to today by Nathan Allebach.

Brands having fun with snark
A huge brand mistake, probably blamed on an intern.

Periodic Table Of SEO Success

Search Engine Land has released the latest update to its popular periodic table of search engine optimization success factors.

LinkedIn Gets Engagy

LinkedIn recently updated its algorithm to favor content that gets engagement and content from other users who have a similar profile as your own rather than content that goes viral.

Twitter Takes A Stand Against Political Abuse

Twitter announced that it would hide messages from major political figures who break the company’s harassment or abuse rules behind a warning label. They won’t delete the messages – a move that could exacerbate the debate over political bias on the service.

Fake Video Watch

The Washington Post has created a page devoted to tracking, analyzing and debunking the latest fake videos.

Google’s Voice Strategy

Voice is the next frontier and Google is poised to dominate.

Google’s CallJoy
Google Duplex On The Web

VW UGC Zooms

A professional NASCAR driver zooms wildly through a small Canadian town as locals, who’ve been trained and put in safe spots, film an insane ad with their cellphones.

Voice Privacy

A group of researchers at Stanford are trying to build a voice-activated assistant that respects your privacy.

BL’s Viral Tweets

My Tweet telling people to contribute to RAICES, which is a nonprofit helping immigrants at the border, has been seen 62K+ times in the first two days.

My Tweet about the Dalai Lama’s sexist comments was seen 203,000 times in the first two days and liked 694 times.

Worst Digital Cases

To Protect and to Slur

A year-long study by Will Carless of the Center for Investigative Journalism shows that inside hate groups on Facebook, police officers trade racist memes, conspiracy theories and Islamophobia.

A study shows that police officers are involved in racist memes, Islamophobia and hate groups on Facebook.

Wayfair’s Employee Problem

People want to be proud of their employer. Doing business with people who cage children doesn’t lend itself to such pride.

New Phishing Scam to Worry About

Phishers have realized that they can take advantage of your Google calendar settings to plant their own events laced with phishing links on victims’ schedules. Here’s how to stop them.

How to avoid phishing scams in your Google Calendar

Banish The Blast

The very phrase “email blasts” should be eliminated from marketers’ lexicon.

Shiny New Stuff

Alexa, I Want To Rock!

A skill that provides the backing tracks for you to practice your shredding skills.



Despots Bond Over Hatred of Journalists

Today is the one-year anniversary of the murders of five journalists at The Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, MD. And it is also the day when our president and his buddy Vladimir Putin yukked it up and bonded over their shared hatred of journalists. 

Stars Read The Mueller Report

Annette Benning, Kevin Kline, Allyssa Milano and John Lithgow highlight the list of stars who conducted a dramatic reading of the Mueller Report.

 Groups mobilizing to help the influx of immigrants crossing the Texas-Mexico border

This is an extensive list of organizations who are providing aid, legal advice and trying to help the children in custody who are separated from their parents.

Pro Tips

LinkedIn Emojis

Emojis work in LinkedIn’s title fields.

Screenshot: Emojis work on LinkedIn Profiles

The Daily Numbers

Average Household Streaming Video Subscriptions

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