Google Maps Add Augmented Reality

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 279

BL and David discuss the social media generated AlienStock Festival; By All Means podcast sponsorship; podcasts now play in Google search results; moodvertising; Google adds augmented reality (AR) to map directions; Friends is LEGOized; a job for a couch potato; a lawsuit aims to silence a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist; US Soccer Federation demonstrates how not to handle a PR crisis; Facebook unpublishes pages; Samsung’s delete fest; Facebook’s face scamming; eraser ads…and much, much more.

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Audio for Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 279

Best Digital Cases


Matty Roberts, who started the joke “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” is now planning Alienstock, a three-day, all alien festival with music and dance – and, hopefully, aliens. Two million people say they’re going.

Poster for AlienStock Festival near Area 51.

By All Means Podcast

What does it take to build a business? Change an industry? Lead with purpose? By All Means sits down with entrepreneurs and leaders who make business work in Minnesota—and beyond. Learn the stories behind some beloved brands, and the ones you’ll want to know next. Discover how they got started and gain insights to apply to your own ventures.

Google Adds Podcast Playbacks to Search Results

Google added playback results to search – putting native audio in Google search results for instant play podcast episodes. You have to include the word “podcast” in the search.

Type in Beyond Social Media podcast in Google and you can play the episodes within the search results.
Here’s what you’ll get in search results if you look for our show.

Moodvertising Instagram Ad

Moodvertising’s Instagram ad uses cultural touchstones to capture and maintain users’ attention.

Google AR Maps

Google Maps is rolling out its augmented reality navigation, Google Live View for walking directions.

Google Maps now include augmented reality for walking instructions

Friends LEGOized

Friends is getting the LEGO treatment for the 25th anniversary of the show.

Friends LEGO set

Job Opening for Couch Potato

Pockies, the Australian boxer shorts with pockets, seeks an American to spend one day on your couch to test one of our boxer shorts. Salary: $500.

Boxer shorts tester sought.

Worst Digital Cases

Journalism Attacked

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Carole Cadwalladr is being sued personally by a millionaire who was implicated in her reporting linking Cambridge Analytica, Trump and Brexit. She has started a GoFundMe page to help with massive legal bills.

Facebook Page Unpublishing

Facebook’s guidance to business page admins when the company unpublishes a page is vague and unhelpful.

How Not to Handle a PR Crisis

Instead of negotiating,  the U.S. Soccer Federation has hired two Washington lobbying firms to push back against claims that it pays the women’s national team less than half of what it pays the men’s team.

Facebook FaceScamming

Facebook is no longer scanning users photos by default, but the policy explaining it is muddled at best. Check your settings: the face recognition feature may be enabled without you realizing it. 

Check your Facebook face recognition settings

Samsung Deletefest

Samsung’s latest phone has no headphone jack and so they’re furiously deleting the ads that made fun of iPhone when Apple took away the headphone jacks.

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