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Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 281

Co-hosts BL Ochman and David Erickson discuss the creativity of the world’s largest display of LEGO art in New York City as well as LEGO’s new Rebuild The World campaign; the five hundred new words that were added to the dictionary; Google’s new in this video search results; John Batelle’s new Daily Recount summary of the day’s political news; the city of Grand Rapids, Minnesota’s 3D crosswalks; Descript podcasting software that lets you deep fake yourself; fears of Chinese propaganda via TikTok; the pros and cons of Echo Auto; Facebook Watch TV watching you; creating a digital will; political contributions via Amazon Echo; Facebook’s app problem;…and much, much more.

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Audio version of the Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 281

Best Digital Cases

World’s Largest LEGO Art Display

The world’s largest display is coming to NYC with over one million blocks!

An 80,000 brick dinosaur is part of the world's largest LEGO art display
Installation at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Photo courtesy David Erickson

LEGO Rebuild The World

Build the things you love — With or without instructions.

500 New Words

Merriam-Webster Dictionary has added 500 new words, including the nonbinary pronoun “they.”

“In This Video” Search Results

Google is testing showing “in this video” – a timeline that shows you what sections of the video talks about sub-topics.

New News View

The Recount is a video mashup of the day’s political news that aims to make viewers smart about the stories that matter each day in five minutes or less.

3D Crosswalks

Late last month, the city of Grand Rapids, Minnesota debuted its 3D crosswalk at the intersection of Pokegama Avenue and 9th Street North.

Grand Rapids’ 3D Crosswalks

Deep Fake Yourself

Descript’s new podcast editor has the ability to create a deepfake your own voice to fix errors you made during recording.

Worst Digital Cases

TikTok Fuels Chinese Censorship Fears

Researchers are worried TikTok could become “one of China’s most effective weapons in the global information war as it builds a huge US audience.

Echo Auto

The marketing is great but the technological execution is hit and miss.

Facebook Watching You Watch TV

The company you can’t trust with your privacy, is entering the streaming market with a device that can watch you watching TV

Digital Wills

Time to consider a digital will, but more importantly, a digital executor.

Alexa Taking Political Contributions

Starting in October, Amazon customers will be able to say, “Alexa, donate to [candidate name]” to send their campaign up to $200.

Alexa will soon be able to make election campaign donations.

Facebook ScrewUp of the Week

Facebook announced today that they have suspended “tens of thousands” of apps that may have mishandled users’ personal data.

Shiny New Stuff


Audiogram app helps you leverage captioned short videos featuring your podcast audio content to get more engagement on social.

LinkedIn Skills Assessments

LinkedIn is now offering a new feature called Skills Assessments.

The Daily Numbers

Chart: Voice Assistant User Penetration

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