How China Censors American Companies

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 284

BL and David discuss American companies that cave to Chinese censorship; a Sesame Street character who addresses addiction; Target’s emphasis on audio branding; Siri comes to Spotify; an adorable MSNBC interruption; an augmented reality opera marketing campaign; whiskey pods; Amazon’s initiative to get voice assistants to work together; top sites that fact check fake news; malicious apps in Google Play; Google crowdsourced shopping ads; Google will soon block mixed content; and much, much more.

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Audio version of Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 284

Best Digital Cases

Trouble on Sesame Street

Sesame Street has added 6 year-old Karli, a character who is in foster care because of her mother’s addiction.

Targeting Sonic Branding

With Target now firmly back on track to growth, the company’s chief marketing and digital officer, Rick Gomez, is turning his gaze on the more ancillary branding opportunity of audio.

Spotify Gets Siri

With the latest iOs 13 update, you can now request your favorite music or podcasts using Siri voice commands.

Spotify VP explains how Spotify will work with multiple devices.


Remember BBC Dad? It’s happened again.

AR Opera Experience

The Welsh National Opera has collaborated with immersive technology company Arcade to produce a new AR experience – with hopes of attracting new fans

Whiskey Pods

The Glenlivet Capsule Collection is a brilliant PR play.

Amazon’s Making Voice Assistants Work Together

Amazon announced the Voice Interoperability Initiative, a coalition of approximately 30 well-known companies focused on improving how their voice assistants work together.

Crowdsourced Shopping Ads

Google is introducing user-generated images in product reviews on Google Shopping.

8 Best Fact Checking Sites

Here are some of the best fact checking sites to help you find the truth.

Fake news unveiled on Lead Story fact-checking site.

Worst Digital Cases

Malicious Google Play

In September alone, researchers uncovered a total of 172 infected apps on the Play Store. The worst part? These apps had racked up over 335 million installs by the time they were detected by security experts.

Harmful apps on Google Play and the number of times they've been installed.

Blizzard, NBA & Apple Cave To China

Three companies cowardly caved to China’s demand to silence Hong Kong protesters.

Mixed Content

Google announced that Chrome browser will begin blocking web pages with mixed content beginning December 2019.

Shiny New Stuff

Google Analytics Lead Scoring

How To article for pulling lead scoring data into Google Analytics.

Wired’s Guide to AI

 A very good, hype-free guide to the history, potential and jargon of AI.

Domain Analytics

Moz is offering a free tool that provides analytics data on any domain name.


Online Impeachment News

DemCast aims to cultivate, amplify & maximize the impact of grassroots digital media, bolstering blue electoral and policy victories at all levels of government, across America.

Facebook “I Voted” Button…For Donald Trump

Facebook’s “I Voted” button seems neutral but it isn’t turning out a cross section of Americans.

Unclear Politics

RealClearPolitics has carefully cultivated a non-partisan image—while its parent company pushes images of killer Clintons and a freedom-loving Kremlin. It was outed by The Daily Beast.

The Daily Numbers

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