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Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 285

BL and David discuss a surprise new release from the Prince estate’s vault; dead musicians on tour; Annie Leibovitz Pixel 4 project; the evolution of job descriptions; Facebook’s new oversight committee; LinkedIn launches Events; AMC streaming (sort of); free education; Amazon Top Toy List fails to mention the $2 million charge to rank; the Alpha generation; Nancy Pelosi vs Trump photo called a masterpiece; Elizabeth Warren trolls Facebook to make a point…and much, much more.

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Audio version of Episode 285 of the Beyond Social Media Show

Best Digital Cases

Surprise! New Release From Prince

On the 40th anniversary of Prince’s eponymous album, Prince’s estate dropped an acoustic solo version of Prince, at age 20, doing “I Feel for You.”

Hologram Concert Tours

Dead artists going on tour is a new trend in the music industry.

Annie Liebovitz Pixelated

Legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz used the Pixel 4 to shoot a series of extraordinary people who are working for change.

Annie Leibovitz series of images taken with Google Pixel 4.

Evolving Job Descriptions

Companies revamp job postings to appeal to wider set of applicants; one startup’s pitch: ‘This role isn’t for everyone’

Facebook Oversight Committee

Mark Zuckerberg says he will cede his ultimate power to an outside board called the Oversight Board to manage the controversial information on its giant social-media platform. We’ll see…

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Source: Facebook

Free Education

Udacity and Microsoft are offering courses in programming…free of charge.

Steaming Movie Theaters

AMC Theaters has launched a movies on-demand service for in-home viewing.

Worst Digital Cases

Amazon Pay to Play List

Amazon just released its top holiday toys list but didn’t say that brands pay up to $2 million to be on it.

Amazon charges brands up to $2 million to be on its Holiday Toy List.

Generation “Alpha”

Members of the latest age group to emerge are barely out of diapers, too early to give them a name…unless you’re a generations consultant.

Shiny New Stuff

LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn has rolled out a new feature that lets you plan and invite people to in-person meet-ups.

Google Books Interactive Experiment

To celebrate 15 years of Google Books, artist in residence Gael Hugo worked to create an engaging way of exploring millions of books starting from just an image.

Google Interactive reading experiment.
Google Arts & Culture interactive books project.

Google Optimize Gets A Dandy New Feature

Google Optimize gets UTM parameter targeting.


Nancy Pelosi Artfully One Ups Trump

The image of Nancy Pelosi standing up in a meeting with trump is being called a masterpiece. It’s also her new Twitter header.

Nancy Pelosi's new Twitter Header

Elizabeth Warren Owns Zuckerberg

Democratic presidential candidate runs Facebook ads promoting lies about Mark Zuckerbert.

The Daily Numbers

Chart: Consumers Opting For Reputable News Sources

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