James Dean Makes New Movie While Dead

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 288

BL and David discuss James Dean stars in a new movie, 64 years after his death; Monica Lewinsky’s brilliant anti-bullying PSA and Twitter bot; how Black Twitter made Popeye’s chicken sandwich go viral; Arm & Hammer helps cats; VR teaching empathy in the office; Twitter adding Topics option; top 10 brands fooled by Instagram bots; new approach suggested for digital political ads; robots who are anything but cute; @ElBloombito returns to Twitter; …and much, much more.

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Audio version of Episode 288 of Beyond Social Media Show

Best Digital Cases

Monica Lewinsky’s Anti-Bullying Bot

The @GoodnessBot is meant to make the internet a kinder place by transforming negative tweets into a positive ones. The algorithm may need some work 🙂


James Dean: Another Dead Actor Comes To Life

Magic City Films has obtained the rights to cast James Dean him posthumously in a secondary lead role in a Vietnam-era action drama “Finding Jack.”


How Twitter Made Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich Go Viral

What was most impressive about the Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich’s popularity? It all happened without Popeyes or the agency that handles its social media.

Virtual Reality Flips The Workplace Script

A new VR-enabled diversity and inclusion training program developed by Pittsburgh-based leadership consultants DDI is intended to teach executives what their employees experience at work.

Arm & Hammer Rescues Cats

Arm & Hammer challenged fans to like and share a video on social media. The video by IAmMoSho, the Cat Rapper, received nearly 9 million views.

Twitter Topics

After several months of discussion and testing, Twitter is now launching its new Topics option, which will enable users to follow specific topics, and have those tweets appear within their Twitter stream along with the specific accounts they follow.

Worst Digital Cases

B2Bot Instagram Advertising

On Instagram, B2Bot advertising is prevalent. Febreze came number one and Baby Einstein was the runner up in the 10 Most Fooled Brands on Instagram influencer campaigns.


Dangers Of Banning Digital Political Ads

While the 240-character policy of banning political ads on Twitter sounds compelling, it’s both flawed in principle and counterproductive in practice.

These Robots Are Not Cute

MIT made an army of tiny, ‘virtually indestructible’ cheetah robot that can do backflips and even play soccer. They are scary AF.

Shiny New Stuff

Weekly SEO Podcast

MozPod, the excellent weekly SEO podcast from Moz, ran between October 2017 and August 2018 and tackled a wide variety of SEO topics.

A Color Story

This free app for enhancing photos and videos has a library of over 100 effects and 300 filters designed by top photographers. It’s had more than 12 million downloads.



@ElBloombito returns to Twitter

The hilarious Twitter parody account that makes fun of Michael Bloomberg’s Spanglish is baack now that he’s running for president.

The Daily Numbers

Chart: Best Results For Instagram Content

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