Super Bowl LIV Marketing

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 294

BL and David discuss Kraft crowdsourcing its Super Bowl commercial; Pantone’s Super Bowl color commentary; Micheal Bloomberg’s Dog People Get Me ad; the 2020 new emoji lineup; free art downloads; David Berkowitz’ marketing English; Scroll funding journalism via subscriptions; Facebook stalking; illegal social media in China; Clearview AI’s racist ties; hyper-sensitive Super Bowl ads..and much, much more.

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Audio version of Episode 294 of the Beyond Social Media Show

Best Digital Cases

Kraft Crowdsourcing Super Bowl Ad

Consumers will help create Kraft’s Super Bowl ad via social media

Pantone’s Color Commentary

Company will post play-by-play insights on Twitter and Instagram Stories.

Bloomberg Campaign Goes to The Dogs

After Mike Bloomberg shook a dog’s snout during a campaign spot, Twitter went nuts on him. The next morning, the campaign responded with a hilarious video.

2020 Emoji Finalized

The emoji list for 2020 is now complete, with 117 emoji making the final cut for release this year.

100,000 Museum Works of Art, Free to Download

In France, a collective of 14 museums is starting this year by placing over 100,000 pieces of art on its online portal—all of which are free to download and use as you please.

Public Domain Collections from Paris Museums

Marketing English

David Berkowitz is writing Berky’s Marketing English: A Quaint Compendium for Modern Marketers to provide meaning to marketing jargon.


Former Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile hopes he’s found something at the intersection of ethical ad-blocking and news-flavored digital wellness.

Worst Digital Cases

How Facebook Stalks You

Facebook launched an Off Facebook Activity Tool that will show you the ways it stalks you, even when you turn off the app on your phone. Change these privacy settings right now!

How Facebook tracks you, online and off.

Racist Facial Recognition?

There are troubling questions about Clearview AI’s past connection to white nationalists and the far right.

China Jails People for Social Media Posts About Corona Virus

Many social media users have become savvy at evading censorship, but 8 people were jailed.

Chinese government Tweet

Koby Bryant Death Roils Super Bowl LIV Ads

Planters and others are pulling or editing their Super Bowl ads in the face of Kobe Bryant’s death.

Shiny New Stuff

Winners of Product Hunt’s Golden Kitty Awards announced

It’s the motherlode of cool new apps, programs and tools from social impact to earbuds.

Product Hunt Golden Kitty Awards Winners Announced

Content Strategies For Internet Of Things

The Associated Press has published a short eBook of best practices for IoT content.

Pro Tips

How To Download Twitter Videos

The Daily Numbers

Super Bowl Searches: Search interest in Roman numerals spikes every year at this time (and this year roman numeral LIV is no exception).

Map: Most Searched Super Bowl Teams
Map: Super Bowl LIV Foods

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