Corona Beer Crisis

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 298

BL and David discuss absurd Corona Beer Virus searches and fears; CNN weatherman’s face filter forecast; Giphy and Jif peanut butter’s Gif or Jif debate ad; students learning media literacy in school; Walmart’s reply to David’s Tweet shows smart earned media strategy; Stars & Stripes deleted by vindictive Trump; LinkedIn adds pinned updates; podcast rankings and Netflix rankings released; anti-Putin blogger assassinated; Leap Year baby finally turns 21; Greta Thunberg responds like a heroine; Bloomberg will send Trump a pink slip for you…and much, much more.

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Audio Version of Episode 298 of the Beyond Social Media Show

Best Digital Cases

Face Filter Forecast

CNN weatherman Justin Hinton accidentally did a forecast with face filters during a Facebook live broadcast. He kept his sense of humor about it when he found out.

Gif Or Jif?

Giphy and peanut butter brand Jif are reigniting the argument over the pronunciation of “GIF.” It’s exactly what the internet needs right now.

Students Learning About Fake News in School

As fake news becomes a fact of life, 14 states have adopted “media literacy” into their curriculum.

Walmart Replies

Walmart’s earned media/social media tactic ensures it’s key messages for new healthcare clinics are received.

84 Year-Old Finally Old Enough to Drink Alcohol

Arlene Manko, born on Feb 29, 1936, finally turns 21 this year and Aviation Gin is helping her celebrate

LinkedIn’s Pinned Posts

Users will be able to add any LinkedIn posts to their Featured listing.

New Podcast Ranker from Edison Research

Edison Research has  broken out a Top Ten Podcast ranker, which measures podcast popularity among weekly podcast listeners. The Edison list is the result of consumer surveying, so any podcast is eligible.

Edison Research releases a new quarterly podcast ranker.

Netflix Daily Rankings

Netflix is rolling out a new row in its interface that will show the overall top 10 titles in a subscriber’s country.

Screenshot: Netflix Top 10 Lists

Worst Digital Cases

Corona Beer Virus?

Corona Beer, the third most popular beer in the world, takes a drastic hit because of its name similarity to Coronavirus. Corona Beer Virus searches surge.

People are confusing Corona Beer with Coronavirus.

Trump Deletes Stars & Stripes

It has been publishing since November 9, 1861.

Facebook Will Pay for Your Voice Recordings

You have to share enough recordings to amass 1000 points. And then you get just $5.

Facebook will now pay for your voice recordings. But they won't pay much.

Anti-Putin Blogger Assassinated In France

The assassin has fled to Moscow.

Greta Thunberg Attacked Online

Some idiot drew a cartoon of teenage climage activist Greta Thunberg, being raped. It was featured on a decal with the logo of the Canadian oil company X-site. She responded like the heroine she is.

Shiny New Stuff

Blind Spot Report

The weekly Blindspot Report from Ground News aims to break down political news bubbles by exposing how media bias shapes understanding of news.

Weekly Blind Spot report breaks down news media bias.

Vimeo Create

Think Canva for video.

Mailtrack Adds Three New Features

1- It tells you when an old conversation has been re-opened.

2- It tells you when an email is a “hot conversation.”

3. It tells you how quickly someone opened your last email.

Mailtrack adds three new features.

Google Font Analytics

Discover the most popular Google Fonts on the web.

Screenshot: Google Font Analytics

Smithsonian Image Library

The Smithsonian Institution is releasing 2.8 million high-res images from its massive collection into the public domain.


Bloomberg Will Send Trump a Pink Slip for You

Sign the form (and enter your name and address) and Bloomberg will snail mail trump a Pink Slip saying his services are no longer needed.

Pink Slip for trump, from you, sent free by Michael Bloomberg

Boycott YouTube On Election Day

Trump has bought out the ad inventory on the front page of YouTube for election day.

Pro Tips

How To Update Your Fire TV Software

The Daily Numbers

Go Fund My Disease

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