LinkedIn and Twitter Jump on the Story Bandwagon

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 299

BL and David discuss LinkedIn and Twitter are jumping on the Story bandwagon; the City of Austin cancels SXSW over Coronavirus fears; The Office’s Kevin’s famous chili returns; a viral voicemail plays in movie theaters; The Simpsons are recreated in CSS code; AR glasses let firefighters see through smoke; Redditors fight disinformation; Heineken has a drink and drive public fridge; WHO TikToks Coronavirus …and much, much more.

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Audio Version of the Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 299

Best Digital Cases

Reddit Fake News Fighters

Despite Reddit’s well-deserved reputation as an often toxic rumor and conspiracy mill, Reddit has become an unlikely home for passionate volunteer users who aim to top the spread of disinformation.

Reddit screenshot: Web of Lies

Kevin’s Famous Chili

In an homage to a fan-favorite scene from The Office featuring klutzy Kevin.

Turning an Angry Voicemail Into a Viral Ad

Alamo Drafthouse, a movie theater in Austin, TX, hilariously features an actual customer’s angry voicemail in their “don’t talk or text” pre-movie video.

Stories Are Coming To Twitter & LinkedIn

Except Twitter ain’t calling them Stories. They’re “fleets.”

Heineken’s Drink & Drive Fridge

Summary Heineken wants Singaporians to drink and drive so they set up a free public beer fridge. It’s actually a promotion for alcohol-free beer.

CSS Simpsons

Web developer Chris Pattle re-created The Simpsons characters purely in Cascading Style Sheets code.

See-Through Smoke

Qwake Technologies have developed a product that helps first responders see underwater and through smoke using a combination of thermal imaging and augmented reality.

Worst Digital Cases

City of Austin, TX Cancels SxSW 2020

Because of Corona Virus fears, SXSW 2020 has been cancelled. No online version has been announced. The local economy will be decimated.

WHO TikToks

The World Health Organization has taken to TikTok to fight against online health misinformation about coronavirus.

Shiny New Stuff


OffTime allows you to schedule specific blocks of time for uninterrupted work. You can also use the app to block out distractions while having dinner with friends or when doing homework with the kids.

Test Your Mobile

Google has a tool for that.

20+ Social Media Tools That Offer Discounts for NonProfits

A motherlode of social media tools for monitoring, posting, researching – from Social Media Today


B.L.’s helping to produce Selling a President 2020 podcast, It’ll take a weekly look at the impact of advertising on the race for the White House. Launching soon.

Created by New York City adman Ellis Verdi, “Selling a President 2020” is a weekly podcast gathering of advertising’s most creative minds– including advertising hall of famer Linda Kaplan Thaler, advertising legend Lee Garfinkel and Greg Hahn, chief creative officer at BBDO. With a critical look and a jaundiced eye, we’ll look at how the presidential candidates are selling themselves as part of their advertising assault on the American electorate. Also joining Ellis will be former NY Times ad columnist Stuart Elliott, as well as political pundits.


Trump’s Tweets Come Back to Haunt Him

Trump’s 2012 Tweets about Obama’s multiple Chiefs of Staff have not aged well. And they are back to haunt him

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