COVID-19 Brand Heroes

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 301

BL and David discuss brands that are doing good in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic; Rotterdam Philharmonic Zoom Concert from musicians’ homes; Product Hunt’s Makers Festival work from home edition; a SuperCalaFragilisticExpialaDocious song about COVID-19; Mucinex fights fake news with “Spread Facts, Not Fear,”campaign; Yelp allows donations to small businesses; COVIDnearyou tracks the spread of the pandemic; work from home resources; a lame Coronavirus PSA by the Ad Council; bad sound and video in local and even national news coverage as reporters and guests work from home; SXSW refusal to give refunds; trump’s Cease & Desist on Democratic ad backfires; why Bill Gates want to lock the whole country down; cool tools to get you through the quarantine; astounding ad spending declines..and much, much more.

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Audio Version of Episode 301 of the Beyond Social Media Show

Best Digital Cases

COVID-19 Brand Heroes

The brands we’ll want to do business with when the pandemic ends are the ones who are going above and beyond to help people. Scott Monty is crowdsourcing a list that is more than 10 pages long.

Coca-Cola ad promoting social distancing in Times Square, NY

Zoom Into Beethoven

The Rotterdam Philharmonic performed Beethoven’s Ode To Joy via a virtual concert on Zoom.

Makers Festival Work From Home Edition

Product Hunt announced a global, WFH festival that focuses on relief efforts (in any form) for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Makers Festival Work From Home Edition

Yelp Donate Buttons

Yelp is partnering with GoFundMe to introduce a way for independent businesses to accept donations through their Yelp pages.

Mucinex Fights Fake News

The brand’s “Spread Facts, Not Fear” campaign is fighting a different kind of outbreak – fake news about the Coronavirus

Mucinex "Spread Facts, Not Fear" campaign

Polling During Pandemics

Political commentator Jason Johnson provides some insights into the polling challenges during the coronovirus pandemic.

Tracking the CoronaVirus Spread

Volunteers from Amazon, Alphabet, Apple and other tech companies worked every night to make a website called It asks healthy and sick people to share their symptoms. 

COVID Near You website tracks cases

Ad Council’s Coronavirus PSAs

Screenshot: Ad Council CDC Coronavirus PSA on Flipbook

Randy Rainbow’s Social Distancing Song Parody

Yet another great video from the always fabulous Randy Rainbow. This one focuses on social distancing.

Covering Coronavirus Pandemic

From lighting to sound quality to technical glitches, news coverage looks a lot different during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Action Guide

Ellevate’s Action Network hopes to help people work from home without losing their minds.

Worst Digital Cases

Trump’s Cease & Desist Backfires

By threatening to sue local television stations, the Trump campaign has only extended the reach of the commercial they had sought to suppress.

No Refunds from SXSW

Blaming “force majeur,” SXSW will not issue any refunds for the cancelled festival.

State-By-State Shutdown Won’t Work

Bill Gates makes a persuasive argument for an immediate, national shutdown.

Shiny New Stuff

How Much Toilet Paper

This app will calculate how long your toilet paper stash will last.

App calculates how long your toilet paper stash will last during the pandemic.

Wash Your Lyrics

Generates a poster with lyrics to any song you choose so you can sing while you wash your hands 40 times a day. Mine is to the tune of Aretha Franklin’s “Respect.”

Hand-washing poster with lyrics to any song you choose.

Find My Pasta

App lets you report and track availability of products near you.

Find My Pasta app tracks availability of products near you.

Colorize Family Photos

Free, with registration from My Heritage, you can colorize old black and white family photos.

Yup, that’s B.L. and her first dog!

Pandemic Resources

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious with some #coronavirus inspired lyrics! By Daniel Matarazzo

Zoom gives free accounts for all K-12 public schools

The Daily Numbers

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