Coronavirus Visuals

Coronavirus Visuals

Episode 305 – April 26, 2020


  • Twitter Safety
  • Free Google Shopping Listings
  • Google Verifies Advertisers
  • Audible’s Cancel Pause
  • Elderly TV
  • Coronavirus Visuals
    • Unprecedented Alternatives
    • Vintage Pandemic Posters
    • TV Show Poster Remixes
  • COVID-19 Nursery Rhymes
  • Coronavirus Rhapsody
  • Free Resources for Marketers
  • Uncertainty Analytics
  • Facebook Psuedoscience Targeting
  • Dangerous Amazon Workplaces
  • Mobile Voting Efforts
  • Public Companies Take Payroll Loans
  • Most Popular Audio Brands

During episode 305, BL and David discuss Twitter’s new COVID-19 misinformation protection measures; free Google Shopping Listings; Google’s new identity verification requirements for advertisers; a clever tactic for retaining unsubscribing customers; an app that will broadcast family videos for tech-averse elders; COVID Nursery Rhymes; alternatives to “unprecedented”; free resources for marketers; vintage pandemic posters; TV show posters reimagined for COVID-19; a Coronavirus Rhapsody; MinneAnalytics Monday; two-faced Facebook; mobile voting efforts; dangerous Amazon working conditions; the public companies taking small business loans;…and much, much more.

Best Practices

Twitter Updates COVID-19 Safety

Twitter announced updates to its COVID-19 information safety actions to flag false or misleading posts.

We have broadened our guidance on unverified claims that incite people to engage in harmful activity, could lead to the destruction or damage of critical 5G infrastructure, or could lead to widespread panic, social unrest, or large-scale disorder.— Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) April 22, 2020

Free Google Shopping Listings

Google is letting any business owner that sells products online list their inventory for free in Google Shopping.

Google To Verify Advertisers Identities

Google will require all advertisers to verify their identities and countries of origin.

Animated Gif: Google Ad Transparency

Audible’s Covonavirus Cancel Pause

Audible employed a clever tactic to keep customers from unsubscribing when they really just want to pause.

Screenshot: Audible Membership Pause

Greeting Tech-Averse Elders On TV

French telecom brand Orange created an app for families to record messages that’ll play on TV to elderly relatives who lack tech savvy.

Coronavirus Visuals

Alternatives to the overused word “unprecedented”; vintage pandemic posters; and TV shows re-imagined for the COVID-19 era.

COVID Nursery Rhyme

Baby apparel retailer Carter’s has created a nursery rhyme video to help parents talk to very young children about the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus Rhapsody

Free ANA Resources for Marketers

Association of National Advertisers is offering many of their member resources free to marketers during the pandemic.

Analytics Virtual Panel Discussions

MinneAnalytics is hosting a series of virtual panel discussions every Monday.

Worst Practices

Two-Faced Facebook

While vowing to police COVID-19 misinformation on its platform, Facebook let advertisers target users interested in “pseudoscience.”

Mobile Voting

Mobile voting should play a role as well, argues Sheila Nix, the former chief of staff to Jill Biden and the current president of Tusk Philanthropies, which has been funding mobile-voting initiatives the past few years.

Dangerous Amazon Working Conditions

Workers say Amazon management deleted calendar invites to take Friday off to attend a virtual event to push for more rights and safety.

Dishonorable Public Companies

Hundreds of millions of dollars of Paycheck Protection Program funds have been claimed by large, publicly traded companies.

Chart: Public Companies Taking Small Business PPP Loans

Shiny New Stuff

BL’s Finds

David’s Finds



Donald Trump. Unfit. Unwell. Unacceptable

From Republicans for the Rule of Law: A scathing ad focusing on trump’s dangerous, stupid recommendations for drinking disinfectant.

A Spoonful of Clorox

New from satirist Randy Rainbow.

🎶Just a spoonful of Clorox makes your temperature go down…🎶 🌂👨🏼‍⚕️🌈 #ASpoonfulOfClorox #TrumpDisinfectant— Randy Rainbow (@RandyRainbow) April 25, 2020

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