The Facebook Oversight Board

The Real Facebook Oversight Board

Episode 324 – September 26, 2020


  • B2B Funvertising
  • SEMRush Adds PR Services
  • Facebook Oversight
  • MailChimp Evolves
  • Substack Journalists
  • LinkedIn Stories
  • TikTok Bans Fasting
  • COVID Maps
  • Clintoncast
  • Shirtless Proud Boys
  • Brandvalism
  • Google Disinvites
  • Racial Justics & Brand Trust

During episode 324, BL and David discuss ‘The Real Facebook Oversight Board’ comprised of industry experts that will try to hold the social network accountable; SEMrush acquires a earned media public relations tool; entertaining B2B advertising; MailChimp evolves into a full-fledged marketing platform; Casey Newton joining the Substack journalism revolution; LinkedIn Stories arrive; TikTok bans fasting app advertising; Google Maps shows COVID 19 hot spots; Hillary Clinton launches a podcast; Proud Boys lose their shirts; cancel culture is the new crisis PR; Google taketh Meet; racial justice and brand trust; …and much, much more.

Best Practices

B2B Funvertising

There has been a clear shift from boring, methodical and rational B2B advertising to entertaining, engaging and emotional.

LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Stories have arrived.

Facebook’s Bluff Called

Tired of waiting for Facebook to create the oversight board it announced months ago, industry experts have formed their own.

SEMRush + Earned Media Tool

SEMrush, a leading online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform, has further expanded its ecosystem with the acquisition of a 100% stake in fast-growing public relations SaaS startup

Substack Journalism

Casey Newton is leaving the Verge and taking his 20,000 member mailing list with him to Substack, which is looking more and more like the future of journalism.

TikTok Bans Fasting

TikTok says it will ban advertisements for fasting apps and weight loss supplements and is restricting ads that “promote a harmful and negative body image.”

MailChimp Evolves

MailChimp has been evolving from an email marketing service to a more complete marketing platform.


Starting Sept. 29, on iHeart Radio, Hillary will be talking to prominent guests about the topics that shape our lives: resilience, faith, grief, and more. Listen to the trailer now!

Hillary Clinton’s new podcast “You and Me Both” premieres September 29th on iHeartRadio!

❤️ this tweet to get a reminder from @HillaryClinton when the first episode drops.

You can listen on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. Stay tuned! #YouAndMeBoth— iHeartRadio (@iHeartRadio) September 23, 2020

COVID 19 Maps

The app’s ‘COVID layer’ will display the seven-day average of new cases.

Worst Practices

Shirtless Proud Boys

The British shirt-maker, Fred Perry, discontinued American and Canadian sales of its shirt that the Proud Boys call their uniform.

Fred Perry Logo
Fred Perry does not support and is in no way affiliated with the Proud Boys. Read our statement here.— Fred Perry (@fredperry) September 25, 2020


Cancel culture has got to stop.


Shiny New Stuff

B.L.’s Finds

David’s Finds




Prepare for Election Threats

This is an important read, from a good source, with links to vetted information about the election process in 2020.


With rare, if not unprecedented, agreement, President Trump, Joe Biden, intelligence officials and Big Tech CEOs are all warning of threats to accurate and trusted vote counts before, on and after election day.— Axios (@axios) September 5, 2020

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