Augmented Reality 2.0

Augmented Reality 2.0

Episode 332 – November 21, 2020


  • Augmented iPhones
  • Amazon Echo Frames
  • Twitter’s Fleets
  • Midwest Governors Mask Up
  • Facial Distracting
  • Apple’s Podcast Player
  • LinkedIn Voices
  • Holiday Branded Merch
  • Turkey Pillows
  • Fake People
  • Holiday Sales Projections

During episode 332, BL and David discuss how Apple’s iPhone lidar technology is shaping the future of augmented reality; the wide release of Amazon’s Echo Frames; Twitter’s disappearing Fleets and potential audio chat; Midwest governors mask up for a pandemic PSA; AI software that stymies facial recognition technology; Apple Podcasts gets an embeddable player; LinkedIn’s top influencers for 2020; Frito-Lay sets up a holiday-themed merch shop; Pepsi makes an apple pie cola; Arby’s sells deep fried turkey pillows; Fake People are everywhere online; holiday eCommerce sales projections;…and much, much more.

Best Practices

iPhone AR

Instead of headsets, Apple’s mission is to make AR part of equipment you already have, like your iPhone.

Echo Frames

The $250 Echo Frames are Amazon’s take on smart glasses.


Twitter announced a global launch of the ephemeral disappearing feature “Fleets.”

Mask Up, Midwest

The governors of seven midwestern states collaborated on a public service announcement video about how to protect loved ones, front-line workers, and small businesses from the alarming spikes in COVID-19 cases in their states and around the nation.

Facial Distractions

Engineering researchers at the University of Toronto, in Canada – used AI software programs to design a privacy filter for your photos that disables automatic facial recognition systems.

Embeddable Apple Podcasts

Podcasters can now create new embeddable web players for their shows as well as individual episodes.

LinkedIn Voices

LinkedIn’s 6th annual Top Voices list, is a look at the creators driving today’s professional conversation.

Holiday Branded Merch

Frito-Lay is pushing branded apparel and Pepsi has concocted an apple pie-flavored cola. 

Worst Practices

Turkey Pillow

Arby’s unpatented Deep Fried Turkey Pillow is part stylish sleep mask, part cloud, and all your new favorite pillow.

Fake People

There are now businesses that sell fake people. They look just like the people you see on Facebook and Twitter but they are created by AI.


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Pro Tips

Identify Brand Fans With Net Promoter Score Emails

An example Net Promoter Score campaign from VidIQ.

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