Super Bowl LV Strangeness

Super Bowl LV Strangeness

Episode 336 – January 30, 2021


  • A Super Bowl Like None Other
  • Birdwatch: Twitter’s Wikipedia
  • Made For TV Moments
  • LinkedIn Advertising Classes
  • TikTok Educational Resources
  • A Sleeves Up Vaccination PSA
  • A Gun Safety PSA
  • Google My Business Updates
  • YouTube Hashtags
  • LinkedIn Controls
  • TikTokQ
  • Wokeness

During episode 336, BL and David discuss the first Super Bowl poet laureate and Budweiser’s advertising pause; Twitter’s Birdwatch pilot; harnassing TV moments to drive viral awareness; free LinkedIn advertising classes; new LinkedIn controls; an unboxing gun-safety PSA; a New Orleans COVID vaccine PSA; Google My Business updates; TikTok’s Creator Portal; YouTube hashtag pages; TikTokQ; Black History Month wokeness;…and much, much more.

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Best Practices


Twitter has introduced @Birdwatch, a community-driven approach to addressing misleading information. Anyone can join the pilot. Hey, what could go wrong?!

We’ll use the notes and your feedback to help shape this program and learn how to reach our goal of letting the Twitter community decide when and what context is added to a Tweet.

For details and how to apply to be a part of Birdwatch: (3/3)— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) January 25, 2021

First Super Bowl Poet Laureate

The NFL announced the Los Angeles poet will recite a new poem before the official coin toss to recognize pandemic heros.

Budweiser Says Peace Out To Super Bowl Ads

For the first time in 37 years, Budweiser will not advertise on the Super Bowl. Instead, they are donating a million dollars and their airtime to the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative’s COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative.

— Budweiser (@budweiserusa) January 25, 2021

Harnassing Made-For-TV Moments

President Biden’s inauguration was produced to create several made-for-social viral moments.

Free LinkedIn Advertising Classes

LinkedIn is launching an all-new on-demand learning center for advertising which is full of free resources.

LinkedIn Comment Controls

Depending on what you want to say, there are times when it might be more helpful to engage only a specific audience.

Sleeves Up, NOLA!

An upbeat ‘Sleeves Up, NOLA’ campaign deftly uses local personalities and the MardiGras dance culture to encourage citizens to get a Covid vaccine.

— NOLA Ready (@nolaready) January 9, 2021

Unboxing Guns

This PSA from States United to Prevent Gun Violence aims to highlight the fact that 4.6 million children live in homes with unlocked guns.

TikTok U

TikTok introduced the online hub TikTok Creator Portal, a one-stop shop for educational resources for creators on its platform.

Google My Business Updates

Google My Business has updated its tools for business owners.

YouTube Hashtags

YouTube has created dedicated landing pages for video hashtags.

Worst Practices


TikTok posts with millions of views are currently host to the baseless belief that President Trump will be sworn into office on March 4th, 2021, when he will become the 19th president of the United States.


The onslaught of content, products, and social media shoutouts to Black Americans from February 1 to the 28 has always been a little contrived. But this year…


The exuberant video for his new single, “I Need You,” is set in an art gallery, and it imagines what would happen if some archival photographs of Lindy Hoppers in Harlem suddenly came to life.

Shiny New Stuff

B.L.’s Finds

Airr is an iPhone app that is a podcast player which lets you highlight, add a note, and share moments from episodes.

David’s Finds


We’re On Amazon!

Just ask your Amazon Echo: “Play the Beyond Social Media Show podcast.”


Weekly Numbers

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